Saturday, December 19, 2009

Joseph M Bennett

I had a hard time thinking on how to write this to my friends on the blog. This has taken me days to ponder.

On Tuesday, December 15
my friend Joe Bennett passed away. Many posts in the past were written about Joe. Please see previous archive posts. More specifically...

2006 - December 29 - first meeting him* *
2007 - January 11 - how he coined me- peacoat Kate
August 9 - blessing him with birthday cards idea
August 16 - birthday card update
August 26 - update on his
1st lung cancer

Meeting Joe in the radiation waiting area of Siteman in December 2006
was a unexpected friendship journey. We would chat often & looked forward to radiation treatments (for what you could look forward to) from that point on. Our conversations were of interesting family stories. After finishing radiation in February 2007, we kept in contact through phone conversations and sometimes lunches (when he had St Louis doctor checkups). In August 2007, he ended up with lung cancer after his 2006 ear drum cancer and was given radiation to the lungs. This fall his lung cancer returned a second time full force. His lymph nodes were affected & enlarged, almost closing off his esophagus. He decided along with his family to not do any more treatment due to his age and already had gone through enough treatment. Joe was given 2 months to live without any treatment. The past few weeks he was at a local nursing home (his kids felt it best to have him closer to them in St. Louis). We had a good time talking in person the Monday before Thanksgiving. Joe was in good spirits.

This morning was his visitation and funeral it was good to visit with his children. His burial at Jefferson Barracks with full military honors is Monday at 1pm. The boys and I will most likely attend.

My heart is sad for I lost a friend this week. I do not regret getting to know Joesph M. Bennett. My life is fuller for it. He was a courageous kindhearted man.

I will miss you Joe.
Your friend,
Peacoat Kate

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cutting the tree pics...

Snodgrass clan 2009
Align CenterStuart wanting to help in some way.
The older boys helped by sawing part of the tree

I am working on a post regarding my friend, Joe and truly hope you've enjoyed these pics as much as I do.


Friday, December 11, 2009

December MRI report...

Oncologist, Dr. Needles says everything looks "perfect". No change from previous scans. Bloodwork also good. "You're looking great." I say so I know. (jk not really) I am to go 4 months till my next MRI & bloodwork. He gets bloodwork since being on chemo for a long time not long ago. He likes to look at all aspects of my treatment. No complaints except the needle sticking part but, since it isn't monthly it is bearable. Whoa! I just got on a tangent...

I am thankful for God's mercy. Please pray I stay faithful in God's will for my life. To listen, obey, & follow.

Amazing love that HE came as a child to save us from our sins. May your Christmas be Christ filled.

Tomorrow we cut down our Christmas tree. The boys are way excited about decorating our home for Christmas.

Off to rest before picking up the older boys from school.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Upcoming MRI

The following are the upcoming cancer related items in my life:

Wednesday, December 9 = MRI
Friday, December 11 = oncologist report on the MRI

Please pray for a clear scan and peace throughout the week.
Thank you and sorry this is so short of a post...

Much love,