Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008 Pics

Happy Snodgrass 3

The olders waiting for the elders to come down early in the morning.

(Click on the picture to see Carter's expression, not so good of Cole- he will not be pleased.) I honestly laughed when I saw this (waiting that is). Totally picture worthy! They were up at 6:30ish for I heard them walking around. They were advised not to wake us till 7. Stuart is always up at that time. No matter how late he goes down at night he is up at 7. He is my alarm clock.

Can't be Christmas without your cookies & milk.

We had a great day of staying in our pjs. (I even took two naps) After a late (10:30) breakfast, the older boys went on a hike with Aunt Jeanie. We then met her with Stuart at Grandma & Poppy's for Christmas dinner. Grandma outdid herself this year. The cookie spread was like I have never seen it.

Thank you all for praying for a non cancer surgery recovery day. It was GREAT!!

Much love,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The boys have been on Christmas break since Friday. I have not had much computer time which is fine with me. I enjoy for the most part being with the boys. Lots of normal bickering with them, though.

OK on to the post...
I have spent the past few days (kids and all) reflecting on where I was a year ago this Christmas season. I remember having to ask permission for an eight hour home pass on Christmas day. Dave came to the rehab hospital early to get me ready. Signed release forms. Pushed the wheelchair down the hall. Pulled up the warmed car. All in. Driving home thinking about the boys anticipation was more than words can express. (My anticipation as well.) We are home. Dave parked and helped me into the house. Lopsided I was. I could partially walk with a WHOLE LOT OF SUPPORT. Inside Stuart almost knocked me over. Literally. The boys couldn't wait any longer to open the stockings & presents. I teetered into the living room, thankful but exhausted being home. After stockings we opened presents in the sitting room (tree locale) It was a bustle of wonderful activity - so much for my brain comprehension. I took a LONG nap after breakfast.

This year I look forward to waking in my own bed (hopefully after 7, depends on the boys). Then on to stockings, presents & breakfast. All in our p.j's. We used to have a family brunch. This year I really desired for it to be low key for the morning. We will see Grandma & Poppy later in the day.

Please pray I would not forget my blessings and reflections that are so hard to put into words.

Have a blessed Christmas. I am so thankful Jesus came as a baby to save you and I. I am so unworthy.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hannah Garman

Although I am not doing Christmas cards this year (time constraints, postage, lack family picture, etc) I will most likely make an exception for Hannah Garman.
Please check this out on snopes. (Cut & paste) It was sent to me in an email. A five year old girl dying from a brain tumor is asking for Christmas cards this year. She has a caringbridge website.

Yes, I am on chemo as of last night. I was speaking with a friend who asked how I was doing this morning and my response was "It feels like I have lead in my legs. Someone most likely gave me an exhaustion pill. I am thankful to be alive, though. "

Have a good one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Search is on

The search is on... What could it be? Eye pressure vs. night teeth grinding?

My MRI came back clear - Hallelujah! Did I hear you say? Oh yes! The scan compared to October showed no change. The hunt is on to find out the eye pain (that is not as prominent as before). I did make the earliest available appointment with my eye doctor, Bruce Cohen on Tuesday, January 6 to check eye pressure. The bummer of it all is that it is at his Siteman office. Traffic! No thanks to the hwy 40 fiasco. Many thanks to Caleb's mom for being willing to watch Stuart after school. I will most likely not be home by noon. I am going to see if my mom can be with me at the appointment. I totally cannot drive well with the eye dilation procedure. For that matter I cannot drive well as it is. Ha ha ha. Ok, this wasn't a joke post surgery last year for as you know I couldn't drive due to the left sided disability.

Chemo will start this weekend for the five day dosage.

I will see oncologist, Dr. Needles January 13 to discuss any further issues. Bloodwork will be taken prior to the appointment and January chemo to follow on the 16th most likely.

That is all folks. (did you think of the Bugs? - bunny that is.)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will Wait

Yes, the MRI scan was today and went quite well. Lying still for a good 40 minutes is difficult. I was so ready to move about after probably 30 (the time when I'm pulled out & given the contrast by arm). Thank you for praying. I had many telling me they were praying. It was felt. I was at peace prior to going in today. I honestly haven't much severe eye pain since I told the doctor a week ago today. Hmmmm. Something to think about.

A little Target stocking stuffer shopping and veggie shopping at Whole Foods was good therapy after lying still in the tube for 45 minutes.

I have been asked if I could do an open MRI. I decided to ask the lady who does my scans what the difference is? She mentioned (to some extent of my understanding / processing abilities) that it would take longer than 45 minutes for me since the magnets? force fields ? are not as strong. Ok, no thanks an hour of laying still like a mummy is not my cup of tea. I took the time today to look deeply
inside the MRI machine once out. The ones at the hospital are longer than the ones at T & C.

Will wait along with you to find out the results from the scan. I will call tomorrow to see if the doctora has any info.

hope your day is a good one. gotta run to pick up the older boys at school,

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The MRI (for my eye pain) is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16 at 9:15. I will know my results most likely on Thursday after I hear from my oncologist, Dr. Needles. It is likely I will take my 5 day December chemo cycle on Friday the 19th. As stated prior it depends on the doctor and MRI results.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Speak to me

I am so thankful for Gods unfailing love and mercy. This song by Aaron Shust is such a blessing to my heart. He is one of my favorite artists.
Copy and paste.

God's mercies are new every morning.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More news today

The bloodwork from today came back normal. Rheumatoid & SED. I am thankful. No concerns with my body fighting what it shouldn't. After my nap I was at peace knowing that I was supposed to have a MRI near January. It is just going to be sooner like a few weeks sooner. I thank you for praying for my fears. I am where I should be - In the arms of Jesus with the unknowns. Like I told my mom I just need to get used to the "normals of cancer life." You'd think I would have it down by now. Ummm... it's been two years with brain cancer. I guess I am a student in training. Please take the time to read the comment from Amy about the LPM blog. It was a good one. May it encourage your heart what Beth Moore wrote.
My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16. I most likely will take my five day December chemo cycle on the 19th. That will be up to the report and Dr. Needles.

thank you for being my friend,

All I want ...

Todays oncologist appointment proved to be a up and down kind of one. The white blood cell count was 4.1. That was the up. The rest should be written by Dave but he is at work so I will do my best to write the rest out. It may have to be edited at a later time. Please work with me on this one. I am doing my best to gather my thoughts. Okay here is the next paragraph on the down.

Yes, I am thankful for the 4.1 WBC. I did go in the appointment telling Dr. Needles about my right eye pain that is intermittent and runs to the back of my head (did not tell my bloggers) . He felt is necessary for me to have a MRI within the next week or two prior to starting my December chemo (supposed to be this Friday wants to hold off till the MRI results). He wants to see if there is concern in the brain area. He thinks unlikely. The doctor also asked if I have had my eye pressure checked recently. "I have." Thank you very much with Dr. Cohen. I was encouraged to have another appointment and have it checked again since that appointment was in September. Dr. Needles also asked if I grind my teeth at night - which I assume I do and have had my dentist recommend a nightguard. Yet to use....yeah yeah yeah. I know what you are thinking. Wear that nightguard. I do have to say the dentist at my latest appointment didn't mention the grinding of teeth nor the nightguard. OFF TRACK. Sorry for the tangent on the nightguard dentist thing. On to the next item... I also mentioned that my joints have been hurting since the November chemo cycle. (I try not to write every ache and pain I have with this cancer chemo thing on the blog.) He put in second lab order. After looking over the order it seems he is looking for
1. rheumatoid factor (joint I assume)
2. SED rate (something to do with an infection in the blood- (got this info from the blood draw person)). Not sure if the low WBC last month did a work on my body or not. I am hopeful that I will hear from the doctor today on the results. Maybe the next hour or so. Okay... back to the MRI... I am to schedule it soon and call the doctor a few days later to discuss the results.

All I wanted for Christmas was a low key stay in your pajamas time with my family. I was in tears hearing that I was to have a MRI prior to December 25. I don't want another season of unrest. Yes, I know God is in control and Dr. Needles is just being precautionary(as I want). Please pray for my fear. I have been through the mill. I am crushed emotionally. Thank you for praying on my behalf.

It was a year this December 7 since my second surgery. My left side was not functioning. This morning getting ready I was thinking about how I felt with the disability. I couldn't hug my kids with both arms, stand, walk, brush my teeth, put my bra on correctly or for that matter get dressed by myself. Standing in the shower was difficult (shhhh Emily & Sarah) Thankfully by God's grace I can do all these things. He has brought me through a lot the past two years. I know He will be faithful during this next round of the unknown.

I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121: 1 & 2

with a tender heart, kate

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This N That

YO boys in front of the tree. Hmm who is holding it up?

I have a packed day (as usual) but wanted to give an update on the past few days. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. On Saturday we cut down our Christmas tree. That was a great idea for snow appeared on Sunday yesterday too. We usually put the lights on first then the following day ornaments arise. The house has been a bustle trying to decorate for Jesus' birthday. Lots of bins in the rooms along with lights.

proud Carter happy to cut it down this year

I have a oncologist appointment, Tuesday, December 9 in the morning. I will have my blood drawn prior to the appointment. I am wondering what my WBC count will be. Please be in prayer that it has gone above a 4.0. Also I have a praise. I had a cold this past week that has gone away without any hitches. I thought for sure that it would be a doozie of a cold due to my November WBC count of 3.2.

That is all...


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The LORD is my strength and my shield;
My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped;
My heart leaps for joy and

I will give thanks to him in song.
Psalm 28:7

Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.

Psalm 100:4

Carter's verse on his paper cornucopia from school had Psalm 28:7 on it with the things he is thankful for.
Not in any particular order just written on the fruit and veggies.
- TV - because it is entertaining.
- Soda - because it "taest" good.
- Food - because I could not live without it.
-Baseball Cards - because they are entertaining.

Cole's cornucopia had Psalm 100:4 without thankful items written on it. I don't think it was the third grades assignment for that craft. Cole mentioned to me yesterday morning on the way to school that there is so much he is thankful for that it wouldn't fit on any paper. He mentioned bugs (he LOVES bugs) because we as humans are dependent on plants to give us oxygen. Without bugs there wouldn't be any plants was his reasoning. That is my deep thinker for ya. He did have a turkey made from his footprint with the following poem:

Thanksgiving is cool.
Pumpkin pie is awesome.

I love Thanksgiving.

We cannot leave out Stuart. He made two placemats this year. One for school the other at CBS (bible study). When asked what he is most thankful for his reply is "My puppy". That is his bedtime lovie. We cannnot go to bed without her. He calls puppy a her. At school yesterday, he made an adorable notecard with his fingerprint. Keepsake that is for sure!On the placemat is the following poem:

The Feast of the Tabernacles is a celebration
when God’s people remember the many wonderful
things He did for them after they left Egypt.

Remember, remember, how God loved them so,
And saved them from the Egyptians a long time ago;
He opened the sea so they could pass by,
He put a cloud of protection up in the sky;
He kept them safe and wanted them to know
To praise Him, to thank Him for loving them so.

Thanksgiving Day is a time when we give
thanks to God for all He has blessed us with.

I am thankful for many things this holiday. The depths of my thankfulness are hard to put in writing.

Update- so far I do not have a infection yet. Just a cold. Please pray it stays that way due to my low white blood cell count. My body most likely will not be able to fight off an infection too well. I am guessing it is still low. Time will tell.

The boys are off today for the start of Thanksgiving break.
Off to make breakfast...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Some people have asked me the following questions so I will attempt to clarify in the blog.

1. Your WBC (white blood cell count) was low (3.2) in November when will you know if it has gone up to the correct range of 4.0 - 9.8?
I am to see the oncologist Tuesday, December 9. We should know then as I will be getting my labs taken prior to the appointment.

2. When will your monthly chemo regimen stop?
That is up to the oncologist. The November on call oncologist stated that it is desired for a brain cancer patient to take Temodar one to two years. A clinical trial has not been done on the findings of this chemo and how long it should be taken. So... one year most likely will be sufficient. It is solely up to my oncologist, Dr. Needles. My records state I started January 2008. I was thinking he would allow me to discontinue in February 2009.

3. What will happen after you finish the monthly chemo?
To be honest I am not sure. This is something we will ask at the next appointment. The following is my guess...

Monthly labs & doctors appointments most likely. MRI's (not sure how often) depends on the doctor. I am guessing every two months.

Hope that covers it

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 4 Years Stu!

School birthday cookie & crown
Showing off my gifts - love the feet!
Blowing the cake candles
Breakfast tradition

Happy Day Stuart!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet as candy

That's right! Did you see they are in the grocery stores? Clementines. It reminds me of my first surgery hospital stay craving and the clementine caper delivery. Was that a run on sentence? As for the clementines in the store... Stuart and I purchased our first batch for the season. I had to control our eating of them prior to the photo shoot. They do taste sweet as candy. Stuart ate two for lunch with his p b and j sandwich. I love how they are easy to peel with no seeds.

Driving home today I wanted to give you a funny of Carter and Cole's conversation ....

Hey Carter, what kind of truck would you buy besides a Honda or Toyota? I would buy a Dodge Ram. (after he just looked at a hot one on the highway.)

: I'd get a Nissan.

: quickly remarks Oh yeah I forgot about Nissan, I'll switch to that.

: Cole, a professional baseball player should have three vehicles. A run down car to take to the games so no one will steal your car then a hot one. Also your wife will need a mini van.

I piped in to say "Hey what if your wife doesn't want a mini van?" He just responded well she then can have anything she wants. If you have a only child then they can have a hot car as well.
Clementines to minivans...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stuarts 4th birthday party

So cute!
The pirates at play (Stuart & Christina) up on the boat
astronaut Sophie with elated pirate Stu
(he LOVES her - oh a 4 year old romance)

Today we celebrated with Stuarts friends his fourth birthday. The official day is this coming Thursday the 20th. He had a blast in the Creation Station at the Museum of Transportation. There were four year old pirates, astronauts, chefs, and fireman roaming around along with a multitude of train tracks. Great pretend play. I took some pictures while Carter video taped. After returning home we came to the realization that a group picture was not taken. Big bummer. Enjoy some of the pictures I did take. He had so much fun and is currently playing with the gifts upstairs with Cole .

He loved all his gifts and was especially happy to have his teacher, Mrs. Byars at his party. The Lightning Mcqueen sound effect book was a real hit!
Thank you, Mrs. Byars. He adores you.

A funny part of the party was when Anneka asked "Is this Stuart's home?" The
huge playroom was painted with transportation stuff galore. Oh to be four.

It was a low key party for me as I didn't do a thing except show up with cupcakes and enjoy in their fun. Cupcakes were served as it was the easy option - No cutting of cake. I am all about easy. You learn after three kids and cancer.

Chemo is going well. I am filling up on prunes to help with the constipation. I love the taste of prunes so it is not a bad deal.

Today was a good day.

Gotta think about dinner...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morning surprise

While doing my makeup for the day I noticed this little man was in my bed (after it was already made). It was a picture worth taking. Messed up bed and all. Have a good day. He is Indiana Jones with his hat and fake whip just thrown.

Gotta get going for the day. Carter & Cole are off half day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

WBC low

Dr. Hu was my oncologist for the morning. My WBC is a low 3.2. The range is 4.0 - 9.8. My October WBC was 8.4. We will need to monitor this more closely. I am not sure at this point if my chemo regimen will be lowered Friday for Novembers cycle. I have a call into Dr. Hu as I forgot to ask. It is most likely going to stay at 350 mg. I also forgot to ask what is expected with a low white blood cell count. Time to google this information. See below.

White blood cells. These cells help your body fight infection. A low white blood cell count (leukopenia) leaves your body more open to infection. And if an infection does develop, your body may be unable to fight it off.

Following up on my earlier post concerning early menopause...

80 - 90 % of patients taking Temodar (chemo) experience early menopause. Time will tell. I will find out more later with Dr. Needles.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

November doctors appt.

My November oncologist appointment is in the morning. Labs to be taken prior to the appointment. I forgot to do my labs on Friday & Saturday. Oops. Dr. Needles is out for a few days. I will see a doctor on call. I have a few questions this time around.

1. Chemo induced early menopause (I'll chat possibly later with you on this one.)
2. Chemo stop date - Will it be February? (of course this ? will probably have to wait till Decembers appointment)

Gotta get to bed...

Friday, November 07, 2008

Two Year Anniversary

Today is the TWO YEAR anniversary from the first brain surgery. I can't believe it has been two years already. Last night a flood of emotions came over me. Carter was reflective at bedtime as well. He said that he couldn't believe it was that long ago. He said he is thankful that surgery is not for this Christmas season.

Below are some reflections I have for today. I may add more throughout the day as time allows. Some of these were reminded to me in a email from a friend watching her husband going through cancer.

1. As I study Romans in CBS...asking GOD to help me remember it all, and never forget what HE has done - the list is large and for me to ..." rejoice in this suffering, knowing it will produce endurance, character and hope-hope that will not disappoint because God's love has been poured into my heart through the Holy Spirit who has been given to me " ( Romans 5:3-5).

2. A desire for our boys to never forget watching their mom and dad go through this...They will tell of HIS wonderful acts...(Ps. 145:)... they (we) will eagerly utter the memories of GOD's abundant goodness...

3. God's goodness - Wow! Where do I begin?

4. The unknowns of cancer...vs...NO unknowns of God. He is in control. Hallelujah

5. The love of God never left me.

6. I can be here with my family for two good years. - Walking Talking, Laughing, Some processing (be it slow.)

7. A commited caring husband

8. The hands and feet of Jesus with people here on Earth. Meals, housecleaning, cards, phonecalls, an ear to listen, etc.

Add more in the comments as you see fit.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Scripture for Voting Day

My Bible study leader sent an email today encouraging us with the following. It was a great reminder to me after I studied Daniel (end times) two years ago. Thank you, Sharon.

As we pray about our nation and the elections tomorrow, let’s be comforted and encouraged by the truth that God is in control.

“Praise be to name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and season; he sets up kings and deposes them. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him.“

Daniel 2:20-22


May the God of
hope fill you with all
joy and peace as you
trust in Him.
Romans 15:13

The above verse is a card that was on my kitchen cabinet from someone who sent it to me last year. The past few days it has spoken to my heart. May you ponder and be blessed by it as well.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Todays Pictures - Enjoy

Burning bush in backyard
Neighbors Tree
Backyard looking up
Pinecone in cul de sac
Front porch view
Happy Stuart on warm November day
C train in action (Cole)
Holly berry tree on corner of house in bloom

Monday, October 27, 2008

Boiler Up

I love this man!
We are imperfect people perfect for each other.
Dave and I just returned from a great getaway weekend at Purdue. They lost the football game against Minnesota but oh well. We had fun. At the game the fans cheered "Boiler up" when the athletes did a defensive move. Dave said that is a new term. I bought a shirt with those words. It is drying as we type. I had fun repeating "boiler up" to him. Lots of eating out, walking and shopping was had along with good conversation. We did go to LaBamba, the mexican joint that boasts they have burritos as big as your head. Ughhh. Dave stated it wasn't what he remember them tasting like. I agreed. We were disappointed. Our taste buds have been radically changed with me having cancer and such. We revamped our eating habits the past two years and it shows. I am sure the mexican food was just like it used to be - but oh well. After the game and food I took a late afternoon nap at the hotel. I was exhausted. (I am laughing at the above sentence stating our eating habits changed since surgery. With what I am about to type.) We ended up having Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for our dinner by accident. (Timing was off.) We decided to go back to the hotel after the sugar to watch some movies and never went back out. We were full from the bomba. So much for a healthy dinner. (shhh don't tell the kids.) Sunday morning we were so ready for a good breakfast.
Artwork at LaBamba

Many thanks to my mom for helping take care of the boys on the homefront. Yes, she was the official "soccer gram" on Saturday with Cole's chilly early morning game. Stuart did not nap for her on two of the days. She had her hands full for sure.

The bummer of it all is that I missed Angie's memorial on Saturday. A friend mentioned to me the following in an email a few weeks ago.

"God, in his foreknowledge, KNEW Angie's days. He knew when she would die He knew when her memorial would be planned in St. Louis, and he KNEW that you and Dave would be planning a weekend together...and that it would be THAT weekend."

Great weekend memories...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voting Importance

I am feeling much better this afternoon. Thank you. It was the chemo lapse side effect. Hmmm two days. I really hope it doesn't do this in November.

I normally don't get into political stuff yet, I thought this video was one NOT to pass up.

My post won't let me make it into a direct web link. You will need to copy and paste it to your internet. If you have a firewall it may not let you into the website.

Off to family movie night. Gotta get a movie and order pizza. The boys do not have school tomorrow - Teacher work day.


Today was a First

Today was a first ( hopefully not of many to come) in the chemo regimen. I finished my five day October cycle Tuesday night. This morning I was ill. I vomited. I am hoping constipation was the culprit. Zofran should help this morning along with sleep while Stuart is at school.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Culture Results

The results are in from Cole's finger culture from Friday.
Two items resulted. 1. Group A strep 2. Staph. Both will be eradicated with the oral antibiotic he has been on since Friday. Even the staph. The pediatrician affirmed my hesitations.

Gotta take a nap... I have been tired the past few days along with good nausea.

I am glad that tonight is the 5 of 5 nights chemo. Last Night Hooray!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Impetigo part 2

Ok, why is it pronounced em FE tigo and yet spelled impetigo. I don't see the silent "f" sound. Must be latin. I better ask Carter for he is taking it this year. Hmmmm.

The latest update on Cole is that the culture was taken, I forgot to ask the doctor when we will know the results. Stuart (Dennis) was all over the place during the appointment and Cole was a little fearful of it possibly hurting. Multitasking can we say? I was so ready to leave when it was all said and done. I called after my nap yesterday and spoke to a receptionist. She said most likely we will hear something after Tuesday on what the bacteria could be on his fingers. Cole was prescribed an oral antibiotic. He will be taking it along with his topical ointment three times daily. I need to soak his fingers daily. We can already see an improvement. The oral antibiotic is the big guns since Cole has a PCN, penicillin allergy. He cannot take the simple antibiotic of amoxicillin. He did not return to school yesterday for Grandparents Day. Fine for him. He also did not have his soccer game today. Not fine for him. It was forfeited due to many who could not attend. That made him feel better. Long story short: A culture was taken. We will find out more later. Cole and famly are recovering.

Today has been one of needed rest for all. I didn't get out of bed till 9:24 which is not like me. I was up at 6 ish yet stayed in bed. I also took a nap when Stuart had his quiet time this afternoon for I was tired. Chemo is now in effect. I have the normal first chemo side effects of a mild head rush and an upset stomach. Tolerable, so I cannot complain. I am hoping for no more effects.

Many thanks to Jane for bringing delicious, moist bran muffins to my home yesterday morning. I have devoured many. They will be gone by Sunday. No problem.

Today has been a good day.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Cole and Stuart came down this week with a contagious skin infection, impetigo. I am taking Cole to the doctor this morning. He doesn't have the spots on his face like Stuart did but his fingertips are infected. We just noticed it last night! Thankfully the oral antibiotic is helping Stuart. Cole is taking an antibiotic ointment. That most likely will change after the visit this morning. Please pray it is not a serious staph infection. What am I saying all staph infections are serious. Aren't they? Aghhhh.

Grandparents Day is this morning at school. My dad is attending. My mom is out of town. The other grandparents live out of state.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BirthDAY pics

Forgot to mention that a Fed Ex package arrived today. Yes, it was my chemo for Friday. It's a great reminder that I am thankful to be here on earth celebrating with my family(poison and all).

The family at dinner
35 year old Mom with her boys
Stuart helping mom blow out the candle

2 down, 45 to GO

6:45 am revision: I came downstairs to find Carter making breakfast. An over easy egg with pancakes were already on the "You are special plate". Oh that does my heart good this morning. At bedtime, Stuart was crying wanting to give me my birthday card he just made. He didn't understand that it was in the morning. I look forward to opening it this morning at breakfast with everyone.

8:15 am revision: Carter summoned me to return to bed for breakfast in bed. He even made peppermint hot tea with my good china cup and a saucer! I never use a saucer on the weekdays let alone my cute cups. It
is usually the hospital / school ugly mugs during the week. A cute surprise was the iced tea spoon he used to stir the honey. They are extremely long if you know what I mean. Stuart wanted to show me every sticker he used for the birthday card. Cole's creative card could have been used as a purse. He corrected me in saying it could be used as a necklace. Thanks to pipe cleaners aka: chenille stems. I will try to post pictures later today (maybe tomorrow) in this post. Keep checking.

Written yesterday as a draft for today:
That's right! I am 35 today! By my calculations 2 down and 45 to go for 82 years of living cancerfree. The doctors median expectancy 2 years ago gave me 4 years. I am thankful I have had two great years with my family and friends. Tonight we plan to celebrate as a family by eating out for dinner.

This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Dave and I have a weekend getaway planned sometime soon. We are going to see a Purdue football game. His alma mater. Yes, this was my idea. I love any time away with my husband. If football & food is in the mix...GREAT. I have already told him that I want to eat at the "Burritos as big as your head" locale. Cannot remember the name of the restaurant at this time. But you get what I am trying to say. The food there tastes good! The last game we attended was when we were dating. Good memories... Somewhat.... My feet froze during that November game. Not this time! I will be prepared. The picture below is from that weekend.
Purdue Calendar Girl

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On Sunday afternoon we hosted a Farewell Party for our good friends, Wade and Ramona. They are moving to Mississippi soon. They have been such good friends to us during the past few years. Wade spent each night with Dave while I was in the ICU for both surgeries. That's TWO. He was such a blessing to Dave to have someone there for companionship. Later they had good laughs over some things that happened. Dave is a hard sleeper. My 2006 nurse was trying to wake him at one point during the night. She "straddled" him from what Wade was saying. Not sure what the truth is...Oh well.

Our families have even vacationed together. August of 2007 was such fun at the Ozarks. We really had a good time getting to know one another. Good laughs. Ask them about the scorpions. Aghhh - maybe not

On to the party. It was good to have the energy to plan the event. It was also good to have the party on my planner prior to the MRI results last week. I was mostly concerned about the party details over the MRI results till I heard about Angie's death.
Wade, Ramona, Liliana & Leila you will be missed.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The MRI results stated "stable" in the notes. We are praising God for this information today.

Sorry for a short post today but time is precious at home.


Thursday, October 09, 2008


My friend, Angie passed away last night at 6:15. I found out this morning.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

99 Balloons

Many thanks to Heather for posting this on her blog. I was oh SO touched. Be sure to turn up the volume and watch it ALL.
It is a great reminder of how a parent loves their child no matter what and how God loves ME no matter what. Thank you Jesus. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Copy the following link and paste onto your browser.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MRI again!

Yes, my MRI was today. It was ok except for my need to clear my throat. I tried desperately hard to not move my head. Very hard to do when you need to clear the throat / cough when the machine is making the hard knocking noises along with clicking vibrations. I took my time praying for various needs that came to mind. It is nice having my MRI at the Town & Country location branch. The ladies there are getting to know me and I them. Levetta is a delight. She has decided to make a file specifically for me. You see I fill out the same papers each time I go in. It doesn't change that often and we know it. She asks about the boys especially Stuart since she has seen him often. It is like a hometown branch. The ladies were joking today. The mood was good. Sue is also a big help. She takes my labs every once in a while. She also was the one who did my first CT scan in late October of 2006. The first time we found out about the cancer. A day I won't forget....Laying in on the scan table wondering why I was having so many debilitating headaches.

Thanks for checking in. I see the doctor on Friday with the results. Pray for no change from the last scan.

Off to check on the homemade chicken noodle soup. Stuart and I are needing it badly tonight. Yes, he has it too.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Why do you do...what you do?

What a person does is the visible evidence of what is person is.

The above quote I felt was powerful in my CBS notes on Romans.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Broken Record

I have been battling a cold the past few days. Dave unfortunately has also contracted it as of this morning. It is tiring/discouraging having multiple colds. My throat is sore at night with this cold. Sleep is affected.

This weekend was good even with a cold. The boys each played their respective games great! Cole scored his first ever goal in soccer. I didn't get to see this feat. I heard it was wonderful. I stayed home while Carter caught up on his sleep. Friday night he attended a lock-in at church with his fellow Sunday school friends. As for Carter's feat he had his first "in the park home run" last night at his fall ball game. Cole, Stuart and I were at the schools fall picnic. Yes, I missed both feats. Discouraging.

Hope your weekend is going well.

I have my next MRI on Tuesday morning.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Information for you

I'd like to say that I am in full force with the school routine at home. Not so! Hopefully ya'll out there are doing better than I am.

The following are the next dates coming up pertaining to cancer world.

MRI (last one was 3 months ago) - Tuesday, October 7
Next doctors appointment (to discuss MRI) - Friday, October 10
Next chemo cycle (Good nap weekend) - Friday, October 17 - 21

Have a good Tuesday,

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

Last night was my last chemo pills and so far so good on the side effects. Fatigue is the chief complaint at this time. I will take being tired over the other items recently experienced during the chemo cycles.

Yesterday my mom joined me in seeing the oncologist. Dave has been ultimately busy at work and could not attend. Tuesdays are really the prime busy day for him. The doctor & I discussed why I should not come while on the chemo cycle for that defeats the purpose of the bloodwork. Duh. I was wondering why I am seeing him later lately. It is just the way the calendar had scheduled it. I will be having a MRI in early October then see Dr. Needles on the 10th with a follow up. Blood work is always a given. My lab numbers looked good yesterday. My upcoming October chemo cycle is the 17th - 21st.

Off to study Romans at CBS this morning. Whoa is it good!

Have a great Wednesday,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend News!

Stuart & his giraffeCarter with some serious air time.

Happy Stu after slide
Cole ready for the velcro wall.
Our weekend in review:

Friday- Stuart and I enjoyed leisure time at the zoo. He has been neglected with good mommy time lately and I was aware of it. It seems that Carter and Cole got the best of me and Stuart only gets me. At least he gets me though. I wanted to treat him to the zoo for the older boys were given lots of excursions when they were young like him. I haven't done that much for him lately. Go figure! You should have seen his expression when I stated Thursday evening that he was going to the zoo. He was elated. "I want to see the giraffes." "Okay!" Once at the zoo he wanted to ride the train then was changing his mind so often that he didn't know what to do with himself. We took a long walk... long... Did I mention it was long? We enjoyed seeing the ducks at the pond of all things then we went to see the snakes & monkeys ughh. Not my fav. Stuart neither. After walking some more here are the giraffes. They were beautiful and very close up. It was nice to be able to sit on benches and eat snacks often. We were in no rush to be anywhere.

Started chemo this night through Tuesday eve.

Saturday- Cole had a 10 am soccer game in which he assisted a team mate in the scoring of the goal. He was happy even though they didn't win for he had a great smile on his face once home. I did not go to the game for Dave thought it might have been too much for me. I napped thirty minutes in the morning. We had his company picnic to attend from 11 - 3. Loads of fun for the kids. Lots of food, a bounce house and slide not to mention a velcro wall. Ohh was that fun! We are so blessed to have a good company to work for. They have been good to Dave.
**Please pray for my friend, Angie and her husband Colin. She has recently been entubated in a Texas hospital. She has complications from cancer that originated in the breasts. The cancer has spread to her lymph nodes, lungs, liver, bones and most recently the brain. She also has congestive heart failure. This is her second time being entubated in a years time. My heart is heavy for the family. They have been called in (second time as well in a year). So far that is all I know.

Sunday- Good to be at church. Great notes from the sermon. I would love to find the time to write them out. After lunch the older boys went with Aunt Jeanie on a hike to a cave in Franklin county. They have been planning this for some time since last years excursion. It was WAY fun last time. They were giddy going to bed and waking this morning. Aunt Jeanie is a delight to our hearts.

Today marks the 13 year anniversary when Dave asked me to be his wife!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Picture Day Rush

Today at school is picture day. This morning along with last night was a hub bub of sorts. Ironing shirts, shorts, etc. This morning was getting the hair gel in place. Not messing it up with a hoodie was a fiasco for Cole. Stuart will need a bath today due to sticky face & hands from a cinnamon raisan french toast breakfast. He is to arrive at 11:00 for individual pics. He normally attends school on Tuesday & Thursdays. There will be an all school picture at 11:30. No Bible study this morning for me. Too much busyness. I am still in my p.j.'s.

Please take the time to pray for Dave. He is coming down with a virus. He is going to bed earlier than normal due to swollen glands. Work also has been a busy one for him with lots of meetings.

I will have my blood drawn tomorrow morning. My next doctors appointment is Tuesday the 23rd. This Friday starts my chemo cycle. It will most likely run till Tuesday eve if complications do not arise like my migraine last time. Please pray for a non eventful 5 day cycle.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleep In Saturday

It seems to be a Sleep in Saturday at our home. Carter is the only one awake with me at 6:55 am. It is nice to have an overcast Saturday morning. The boys went to bed late due to Family nite movie nite. Cole stayed home from school yesterday with a fever. 3pm Thursday at school he was complaining of an intense headache. He cried (I knew it was bad... he doesn't cry in front of his friends) ok the staff walked him personally to me in the carpool line. He laid down in back of the van till home and a temperature was taken 101.4 two hours later 102.4. We will most likely relax at home with him today. He will not be able to go to his soccer game since the fever was still with him as he went to bed last night. We desired for him to have a good 24 hour fever free day but that wasn't the case. Thankfully Tylenol / Advil helps with the fever and pain. He did not wake me up during the night (unlike Thursday night) so I am hoping he is feeling better this morning.

I am feeling much better since my last post thank you. It is a good reminder to be able to take care of someone else I love who's sick.

Chemo starts next Friday, the 19th and runs till Tuesday the 23rd.

Have a good Saturday...

Stuarts awake gotta go.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bad to worse

This was written Tuesday night and I deleted it early Wednesday morning thinking it was not of blog material. I have changed my mind. My symptoms have gone from bad to worse.

"Well, it is right on time. School has started and so have the colds in our home. It seems mine is quite a severe one. I am up after midnight after going to bed at 8:30 and not sleeping well. The nostrils are getting a work for their money. I despise colds more than anything. Of course, who likes to be sick? I am hoping that this illness departs quickly before I start my chemo later next week. I am discouraged.

Oh well,

Last week I was wondering why my tongue had sores on each side. Now I know. My immune system is slammed most likely due to last months chemo. To top it off this morning I awoke with a good cold sore on my lip. Great for the dental appointment today. Lovely. Cancer has taken a toll on my body both physically and emotionally. I can still say that God is my portion forever. I don't like this but God is in control. After a good cry this morning I am alright.


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Forgetful & Eyes

After just writing the soccer season post at 7:40ish Dave realized that I forgot the Trader Joes groceries from 2:00. You see I went to Sam's, the mall (shoes for Cole) and Trader Joes today after the soccer game. I had two gallons of milk from T.J's in the trunk of the car. I came home and emptied the dry goods from Sam's and Coles shoes forgetting about the groceries in the trunk. After a good nap and Dave cleaning house he realized we didn't see any Trader Joe's bags in the kitchen. We ran to the garage. Ho hum. After dinner I went to Trader Joe's to purchase new milk for our family. This is disheartning for Dave and I. I am taking it pretty hard. I am frustrated that I didn't remember the groceries. I forgot to put away cold groceries in the house last Tuesday. I was in such a hurry to get out the door after Stuart was dropped off with carpool that I totally forgot the cold stuff. Two hours later I realized this accident. Go figure on Wednesday at the mall I left my keys in the car after getting Carter and Cole a special lunch from Chick Fil A for school. Yes, keys in car happen to most of us... Yet it is just the topping on the cake for me.

Also an update on my eyes. On Friday I had my yearly exam. After testing my field of vision. It showed that each eye has difficulty seeing in the upper left quadraint area. More on the left eye. The doctor suggested that there could be a problem with the right temporal lobe. I explained my second surgery in December taking ALL of my anterior right frontal lobe(forgot all about the left sided paralysis...oops thank you, Dave). He said that the surgery could be part of this issue as he wasn't sure how close the temporal lobe is to the frontal. He also said not to worry since I am having regular MRI's. I will be in contact with my neurosurgeon, Dr. Forget to send surgical notes to the eye doc.

Please pray for my forgetfulness and eyes. The Lord is faithful.

." THE LORD, HE is the ONE who goes before us, He will be with us. He will not leave us nor forsake we do not fear nor be dismayed" Deut. 31:8

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Soccer Season has begun

Well, yes the soccer season has begun in our household. Cole had his first game this morning. His team lost unfortunately. If you remember correctly, last season the league put his team on the wrong level like the "A". Of course I thought Cole to be an "A" player. They as a whole were placed appropriately hopefully this fall. We will see. Todays game looked good in the first quarter. (I don't know if they have quarters - I am totally not soccer savy.) Carter will not be playing soccer due to his interest in basketball. He is currently on a select league and has been practicing twice a week since early August. I think his first game will be late fall. Dave knows this information. Carter loves it.

The boys have now finished 8 days of school. They went four days had Labor Day break then four more days. Stuart on the other hand had four days due to going only Tuesday & Thursdays. He is loving his teacher and comes home exhausted but content. At dinner you can find a good song that is his welcome and goodbye song for the day. I went early to pick him up last Thursday and had a few giggles from seeing how the three year olds handle school. We never had Carter and Cole in school at this age. It is fun to experience his joy.

Hope all is well with you.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Internet time has been decreased significantly. Our computer somehow received a virus a few days ago. Nasty pop ups were occuring. Thanks to Dave for fixing this issue.

I am taking most of my time trying to work / concentrate on our home. I am slow in doing things and find that I forget many items. Just today, I went downstairs realizing that I had just been cooking food on the stovetop and left it there without supervison. Duh! Can we say multi tasking is an issue? No wonder Dave has been trying to pick up the slack in the home. Laundry, dishes and the sorts are slow in coming. On top of his full time job he has me as his second full time job. My mom has been coming on a set day during the week to help with the above items. Thanks Mom! (although she doesn't get on the computer as much as she used to)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thank you for patience..

Thank you for you patience...

I just completed last night my chemo cycle. I ended up skipping the Saturday evening pills minus the Zofran due to the headache induced naseau. I have just been tired today. Not sure if you will be reading a school update from me. The more I try to compile the story the more it doesn't make sense or flow well for the blog. I also type slow still . Sorry for those of you who want to know...

I really appreciated the comment someone wrote the other day.

"Praying for a day of peace and contentment in God's faithfulness in your lives as you and all your family deal with struggles most of us can't really know. Wishing your boys great school days and love and patience on the homefront for all of you."

I am thankful for all of you who have prayed for me and the family in the past. I am continually being reminded that this world is full of brokeness/sin. People are hurting and need Jesus. I don't know how people can go through trials without HIM.

It has been an adjustment for me to have the boys back in school. Lots of things to complete on the homefront. It seems like little time. Chemo brain/body may have something to do with it.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

Yesterday the first day of school went well. Also lunch with Joe was good. I'm not 100% today. As time allows I will post more. For now, enjoy the picture.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Doctor, Marriage & Joe

The doctors appointment went well today. My labs look good so does my blood pressure. Dr. Needles thought the headache was at first from the Zofran(can be side effect - ok what isn't?). Then later changed his mind. He and I agreed that it was most likely a chemo induced headache turned migraine. I thought later that it could have been a migraine. I was seeing stars prior to bed. Ughhh! We are going to monitor this effect from the chemo later down the road.

Dave was able to take the day off today. We enjoyed a lunch date at a local Thai restaurant. I devoured my lunch. It was good to be together as we have been under a lot of stress. We are feeling it at home. Please pray for our marriage.

I have been delinquent in informing you about my friend Joe from southern Missouri. If you have not been keeping up. He is a now 82 year old man as his birthday was on August 14. Long story short he was had radiation at Siteman on his left ear while I was having brain radiation in December of 2006. We were able to get to know each other while waiting around. Since our discharge from radiation in February of '07, we have kept in contact. Once by eating lunch together in downtown St. Louis. Other times we have phoned each other. (ok not sure if those were complete sentences.- sorry) It is good to have him as a friend. He has been through a lot since February. Another form of cancer was found in the other ear. He had surgery. Just recently he had a non cancerous growth removed from his back. He is having his stitches removed tomorrow. After his doctors appointment he is coming over for lunch. I am thrilled to have him over for chicken salad sandwiches. He said he loves chicken salad. That's easy for me for Dierbergs has the best around. Salad on dollar can't go wrong. The plan is for me to phone him once home from picking up Stuart at school. I am having my mom here to take care of Stu while Joe and I converse.

A fun quote from Joe as he called the day of my ear test a few weeks back. "I'm gonna stir the gravel as long as my feet will let me." Huh? He meant he plans on being around as long as he possibly can. He is an encourgement to me. I am glad I have him as a friend.

Looking forward to tomorrow...
First day of school...Joe here for lunch

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Saturdays ache

Oh, where to start? Yesterday proved to be one hard day. I had a mild headache throughout the day then it worsened in the evening. Enough to call the doctors exchange. I was wondering the maximum amount of tylenol a patient could take that would be safe. During the day 500 mg. of tylenol would hardly cut the pain. I knew liver damage could happen if a person took too much tylenol. The on call doctor said up to four grams of tylenol is okay, but we need to monitor this side effect. Tell me about it! The doctor also mentioned some other potent pain med (can't seem to remember at this time) I said no due to the naseau. If the pain didn't subside the hospital would have been a good choice. I went to bed at 8:30 pm with two tylenol and one Zofran for the (most likely) headache induced naseau. I awoke at midnight with no pain. Happiness exuded in the bedroom. I thanked God for the absense of the pain. Friday nights chemo really did a doozie on my body last night. Not something I want to repeat anytime soon.

Tomorrow is my doctors appointment at 11:30. We will find out the lab results from Thursday. You can be sure I will tell him about Saturdays episode. Tomorrow Stuart is also going to meet his teacher and drop off the school supplies in the morning. Tuesday is coming all too soon.

Today was a good day. k-

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Mississippi Visit

Last night the boys and I just returned from visiting my brother, Calvin in Mississippi. My mom went along. It was a short but much needed visit. Dave was unable to go due to him being in San Francisco on business till this morning. We all had a great time in the south. I love the southern "talk".

It has been a low key day. Great to be together as a family for dinner.

Life is not complete till you've been to Piggly Wiggly.
Cousin fun in Mississippi

Today I had my blood drawn for my doctors visit on Monday. I start chemo Friday night through Tuesday. The boys start school on Tuesday even little Stu. His mommy will miss him.

added on 8/22 ** Stuart is going T / Th - half days

Friday, August 15, 2008

Fitting things in ...

This week has been one of trying to fit things in prior to school starting on Tuesday, August 26. Yes it is one and a half weeks away. But gotta get the last minute fun in while we can.

On Thursday we enjoyed the final Family Summer Series Program for 2008. It was a free movie event held most Wednesday and Thursdays during the summer at participating Wehrenberg theatres. The popcorn and drinks were even discounted for the kids. We went to see Horton Hears a Who yesterday. Charlottes Web was another movie we attended that was less than a month ago. Gotta love free! Afterwards great conversation was had at Chick Fil A with friends. Lots of laughter.

We also are trying to swim at the pool after the four o'clock hour. When it is warm enough. I say the weather patterns have been odd this year. Rain galore then a cool August.


A trip to visit an uncle.

It has been a good summer.


Monday, August 11, 2008

Can you hear me now?

That's right I had my audiology testing performed this afternoon at the hospital. The gal giving the test said in conclusion "Your hearing is what we consider well within normal range." Great! Now it must be my slow processing that is causing my delays. Let's pray that in time it will correct itself. The funny part of it all it that my appointment was really scheduled for Wednesday the 13th. When signing up at the reception desk. I joked with the gal saying "I guess I didn't hear her correctly with scheduling on the phone.

This past weekend was alot of fun for Dave and I. We enjoyed a beautiful wedding on Saturday with a delightful reception. The bride was Lindsay, my previous OT from the rehab hospital. At the reception the tables were assigned seating. We sat with Kate, another patient of Lindsays whom was confined to a wheelchair. Great conversation was had. A coworker of Lindsay was also in attendance. She said she remembered me and how I was not able to use my left side hands, arm legs, etc. She mentioned that I have come a long way. I told her thank you. It was humbling to be in their presence. Memories of December came about.

All in all it has been a good few days at the Snodgrass home.

I also want to add a link that Dave's uncle sent to me today. I thought the scenery and music was good. God has been my friend through all of this. Once seeing it you will understand that sentence. I think the title was Irish blessing.