Friday, October 17, 2008


Cole and Stuart came down this week with a contagious skin infection, impetigo. I am taking Cole to the doctor this morning. He doesn't have the spots on his face like Stuart did but his fingertips are infected. We just noticed it last night! Thankfully the oral antibiotic is helping Stuart. Cole is taking an antibiotic ointment. That most likely will change after the visit this morning. Please pray it is not a serious staph infection. What am I saying all staph infections are serious. Aren't they? Aghhhh.

Grandparents Day is this morning at school. My dad is attending. My mom is out of town. The other grandparents live out of state.



Anonymous said...

LOVE the b-day pics, Kate!!! You look FABulous! But YUCK about the Staph thing! And YUCK about contagious things! Blech! Blah! Argggh! Well...there you have it. Thinking of you this day & praying you guys are recuping well and not spreading the disease and pestilence too far beyond the fam. Not that it's GOOD that it spread WITHIN the fam. L Jo

Anonymous said...

OOOOOPPPPPSSS! Me (again). I got on to see if there was any more Staph news. I looked at the b-day pictures again & LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of you w/ the boys. Praying for your epidermal issues this weekend! L Jo (PS: I promise that if I check in again b4you post the next message that I won't write...I'll have to bite my fingers to keep them from typing, but I PROMISE!)