Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008 Pics

Happy Snodgrass 3

The olders waiting for the elders to come down early in the morning.

(Click on the picture to see Carter's expression, not so good of Cole- he will not be pleased.) I honestly laughed when I saw this (waiting that is). Totally picture worthy! They were up at 6:30ish for I heard them walking around. They were advised not to wake us till 7. Stuart is always up at that time. No matter how late he goes down at night he is up at 7. He is my alarm clock.

Can't be Christmas without your cookies & milk.

We had a great day of staying in our pjs. (I even took two naps) After a late (10:30) breakfast, the older boys went on a hike with Aunt Jeanie. We then met her with Stuart at Grandma & Poppy's for Christmas dinner. Grandma outdid herself this year. The cookie spread was like I have never seen it.

Thank you all for praying for a non cancer surgery recovery day. It was GREAT!!

Much love,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The boys have been on Christmas break since Friday. I have not had much computer time which is fine with me. I enjoy for the most part being with the boys. Lots of normal bickering with them, though.

OK on to the post...
I have spent the past few days (kids and all) reflecting on where I was a year ago this Christmas season. I remember having to ask permission for an eight hour home pass on Christmas day. Dave came to the rehab hospital early to get me ready. Signed release forms. Pushed the wheelchair down the hall. Pulled up the warmed car. All in. Driving home thinking about the boys anticipation was more than words can express. (My anticipation as well.) We are home. Dave parked and helped me into the house. Lopsided I was. I could partially walk with a WHOLE LOT OF SUPPORT. Inside Stuart almost knocked me over. Literally. The boys couldn't wait any longer to open the stockings & presents. I teetered into the living room, thankful but exhausted being home. After stockings we opened presents in the sitting room (tree locale) It was a bustle of wonderful activity - so much for my brain comprehension. I took a LONG nap after breakfast.

This year I look forward to waking in my own bed (hopefully after 7, depends on the boys). Then on to stockings, presents & breakfast. All in our p.j's. We used to have a family brunch. This year I really desired for it to be low key for the morning. We will see Grandma & Poppy later in the day.

Please pray I would not forget my blessings and reflections that are so hard to put into words.

Have a blessed Christmas. I am so thankful Jesus came as a baby to save you and I. I am so unworthy.

Blessed be the name of the Lord!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hannah Garman

Although I am not doing Christmas cards this year (time constraints, postage, lack family picture, etc) I will most likely make an exception for Hannah Garman.
Please check this out on snopes. (Cut & paste) It was sent to me in an email. A five year old girl dying from a brain tumor is asking for Christmas cards this year. She has a caringbridge website.

Yes, I am on chemo as of last night. I was speaking with a friend who asked how I was doing this morning and my response was "It feels like I have lead in my legs. Someone most likely gave me an exhaustion pill. I am thankful to be alive, though. "

Have a good one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Search is on

The search is on... What could it be? Eye pressure vs. night teeth grinding?

My MRI came back clear - Hallelujah! Did I hear you say? Oh yes! The scan compared to October showed no change. The hunt is on to find out the eye pain (that is not as prominent as before). I did make the earliest available appointment with my eye doctor, Bruce Cohen on Tuesday, January 6 to check eye pressure. The bummer of it all is that it is at his Siteman office. Traffic! No thanks to the hwy 40 fiasco. Many thanks to Caleb's mom for being willing to watch Stuart after school. I will most likely not be home by noon. I am going to see if my mom can be with me at the appointment. I totally cannot drive well with the eye dilation procedure. For that matter I cannot drive well as it is. Ha ha ha. Ok, this wasn't a joke post surgery last year for as you know I couldn't drive due to the left sided disability.

Chemo will start this weekend for the five day dosage.

I will see oncologist, Dr. Needles January 13 to discuss any further issues. Bloodwork will be taken prior to the appointment and January chemo to follow on the 16th most likely.

That is all folks. (did you think of the Bugs? - bunny that is.)


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will Wait

Yes, the MRI scan was today and went quite well. Lying still for a good 40 minutes is difficult. I was so ready to move about after probably 30 (the time when I'm pulled out & given the contrast by arm). Thank you for praying. I had many telling me they were praying. It was felt. I was at peace prior to going in today. I honestly haven't much severe eye pain since I told the doctor a week ago today. Hmmmm. Something to think about.

A little Target stocking stuffer shopping and veggie shopping at Whole Foods was good therapy after lying still in the tube for 45 minutes.

I have been asked if I could do an open MRI. I decided to ask the lady who does my scans what the difference is? She mentioned (to some extent of my understanding / processing abilities) that it would take longer than 45 minutes for me since the magnets? force fields ? are not as strong. Ok, no thanks an hour of laying still like a mummy is not my cup of tea. I took the time today to look deeply
inside the MRI machine once out. The ones at the hospital are longer than the ones at T & C.

Will wait along with you to find out the results from the scan. I will call tomorrow to see if the doctora has any info.

hope your day is a good one. gotta run to pick up the older boys at school,

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The MRI (for my eye pain) is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16 at 9:15. I will know my results most likely on Thursday after I hear from my oncologist, Dr. Needles. It is likely I will take my 5 day December chemo cycle on Friday the 19th. As stated prior it depends on the doctor and MRI results.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Speak to me

I am so thankful for Gods unfailing love and mercy. This song by Aaron Shust is such a blessing to my heart. He is one of my favorite artists.
Copy and paste.

God's mercies are new every morning.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More news today

The bloodwork from today came back normal. Rheumatoid & SED. I am thankful. No concerns with my body fighting what it shouldn't. After my nap I was at peace knowing that I was supposed to have a MRI near January. It is just going to be sooner like a few weeks sooner. I thank you for praying for my fears. I am where I should be - In the arms of Jesus with the unknowns. Like I told my mom I just need to get used to the "normals of cancer life." You'd think I would have it down by now. Ummm... it's been two years with brain cancer. I guess I am a student in training. Please take the time to read the comment from Amy about the LPM blog. It was a good one. May it encourage your heart what Beth Moore wrote.
My MRI is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16. I most likely will take my five day December chemo cycle on the 19th. That will be up to the report and Dr. Needles.

thank you for being my friend,

All I want ...

Todays oncologist appointment proved to be a up and down kind of one. The white blood cell count was 4.1. That was the up. The rest should be written by Dave but he is at work so I will do my best to write the rest out. It may have to be edited at a later time. Please work with me on this one. I am doing my best to gather my thoughts. Okay here is the next paragraph on the down.

Yes, I am thankful for the 4.1 WBC. I did go in the appointment telling Dr. Needles about my right eye pain that is intermittent and runs to the back of my head (did not tell my bloggers) . He felt is necessary for me to have a MRI within the next week or two prior to starting my December chemo (supposed to be this Friday wants to hold off till the MRI results). He wants to see if there is concern in the brain area. He thinks unlikely. The doctor also asked if I have had my eye pressure checked recently. "I have." Thank you very much with Dr. Cohen. I was encouraged to have another appointment and have it checked again since that appointment was in September. Dr. Needles also asked if I grind my teeth at night - which I assume I do and have had my dentist recommend a nightguard. Yet to use....yeah yeah yeah. I know what you are thinking. Wear that nightguard. I do have to say the dentist at my latest appointment didn't mention the grinding of teeth nor the nightguard. OFF TRACK. Sorry for the tangent on the nightguard dentist thing. On to the next item... I also mentioned that my joints have been hurting since the November chemo cycle. (I try not to write every ache and pain I have with this cancer chemo thing on the blog.) He put in second lab order. After looking over the order it seems he is looking for
1. rheumatoid factor (joint I assume)
2. SED rate (something to do with an infection in the blood- (got this info from the blood draw person)). Not sure if the low WBC last month did a work on my body or not. I am hopeful that I will hear from the doctor today on the results. Maybe the next hour or so. Okay... back to the MRI... I am to schedule it soon and call the doctor a few days later to discuss the results.

All I wanted for Christmas was a low key stay in your pajamas time with my family. I was in tears hearing that I was to have a MRI prior to December 25. I don't want another season of unrest. Yes, I know God is in control and Dr. Needles is just being precautionary(as I want). Please pray for my fear. I have been through the mill. I am crushed emotionally. Thank you for praying on my behalf.

It was a year this December 7 since my second surgery. My left side was not functioning. This morning getting ready I was thinking about how I felt with the disability. I couldn't hug my kids with both arms, stand, walk, brush my teeth, put my bra on correctly or for that matter get dressed by myself. Standing in the shower was difficult (shhhh Emily & Sarah) Thankfully by God's grace I can do all these things. He has brought me through a lot the past two years. I know He will be faithful during this next round of the unknown.

I lift up my eyes to the hills—
where does my help come from?

My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

Psalm 121: 1 & 2

with a tender heart, kate

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This N That

YO boys in front of the tree. Hmm who is holding it up?

I have a packed day (as usual) but wanted to give an update on the past few days. We enjoyed Thanksgiving with family on Thursday. On Saturday we cut down our Christmas tree. That was a great idea for snow appeared on Sunday yesterday too. We usually put the lights on first then the following day ornaments arise. The house has been a bustle trying to decorate for Jesus' birthday. Lots of bins in the rooms along with lights.

proud Carter happy to cut it down this year

I have a oncologist appointment, Tuesday, December 9 in the morning. I will have my blood drawn prior to the appointment. I am wondering what my WBC count will be. Please be in prayer that it has gone above a 4.0. Also I have a praise. I had a cold this past week that has gone away without any hitches. I thought for sure that it would be a doozie of a cold due to my November WBC count of 3.2.

That is all...