Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Search is on

The search is on... What could it be? Eye pressure vs. night teeth grinding?

My MRI came back clear - Hallelujah! Did I hear you say? Oh yes! The scan compared to October showed no change. The hunt is on to find out the eye pain (that is not as prominent as before). I did make the earliest available appointment with my eye doctor, Bruce Cohen on Tuesday, January 6 to check eye pressure. The bummer of it all is that it is at his Siteman office. Traffic! No thanks to the hwy 40 fiasco. Many thanks to Caleb's mom for being willing to watch Stuart after school. I will most likely not be home by noon. I am going to see if my mom can be with me at the appointment. I totally cannot drive well with the eye dilation procedure. For that matter I cannot drive well as it is. Ha ha ha. Ok, this wasn't a joke post surgery last year for as you know I couldn't drive due to the left sided disability.

Chemo will start this weekend for the five day dosage.

I will see oncologist, Dr. Needles January 13 to discuss any further issues. Bloodwork will be taken prior to the appointment and January chemo to follow on the 16th most likely.

That is all folks. (did you think of the Bugs? - bunny that is.)



Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo! Amen!

Anonymous said...'s the question: traffic b/c of the 40 construction or reoccurence of tumor growth...hmmmm: yep, the choice between THOSE two is a no-brainer...ha! Pardon the pun b/c it IS NO JOKE!!! Hallelujah! Can I say an AMEN?! Yeah: AMEN! And: note to self: Self: do not drive on January 6th. Kate may be at the wheel post pupil dilation, warning, warning, danger, danger! Love you! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

It's not an earthquake - its all of us jumping for joy in Indiana and praising the Lord for the clear MRI!
A relaxing PJ Christmas is on the way.
Love and hugs,
Grammy C

Anonymous said...

God is so good! Love you and praying for your chemo- Jen

Anonymous said...

Yippeeeee!!!! What a huge answer to prayer, Kate. I remember your post about wanting a low-key, stay in your PJs Christmas with your family... looks like the Lord agrees with you on that one!

Rejoicing with you tonight - and looking forward to our group dinner tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! So awesome to hear that everything was great with the MRI scan. We have been thinking about you & how wonderful it is that you will be home for the holidays! We will keep saying extra prayers for you & your family.
Dawn & George

Anonymous said...

Praise God! To God be the glory.
So thankful for his mercy to you, sweet Kate.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the great news! Have a wonderful merry Christmas with your family! Love, Judy K.

Anonymous said...

Oh hallelujah! What a wonderful answer to prayer. I am so glad you can have a stress-free Christmas for the first time since 2005!

Let me know if you ever get into a bind with Stuart; I'll gladly help if I can.

God bless you, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Kate, all of us are going to have a brighter Christmas because of your test results. Those of us not your shoes can't truly know the depths of yours, Dave's and Soccer Gram's joy, but we are all thankful, and "Laughing all the way, Ha Ha Ha ! Merry Christmas to all.

Amy said...

Yahoo! So glad to hear to hear you can enjoy Christmas with peace!

The next thing I am praying for and am wondering about- How will you feel on Christmas Eve & Christmas with having just finished chemo?

Anonymous said...

Another "Woo-Who!" and "Hallelujah!" coming your way!!! I'm so excited for you....a low-key Christmas for you! WOW!!!!!!

Jumping for joy,
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Yippee!! Hallelujah! Amen! Praise God for His mighty blessings! Lots of love from Memphis,

Anonymous said...

Kate, I'm glad to hear the results of the latest MRI - we'll continue to pray for God's tender mercies especially through the Christmas season. On a different note, its fun to see how big the boys are getting! With love from Colorado, Laura B