Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cole update

Yesterday, Cole was taken to the pediatricians office. Tested for strep & influenza. Positive for both. An antibiotic was given and he is better today. Thankfully. We are going to have him miss school again tomorrow since his immune system is so compromised. A whole week of school is what he has missed. I don't mind him missing school but he does. He is so ready to return.
** side note: 7 kids in his class have missed this week. It brings some comfort to him to know others are going through this.

hope all is well with you,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kinda well

Yesterday within hours everyone but Stu were sick in our home. Dave along with Carter came home after baseball practice and mentioned their ills. Dave was doing a grocery run for me as Carter vomited in the cracker isle. Lovely! Everyone went to bed early ish. I couldn't sleep till 4 am. I had difficulty sleeping as I went to bed at 9:30. Today I was able to rest since Dave stayed home from work. Poor Cole is taking this bug the hardest. It came in different forms in all of us. One diarrhea, the other fever, another diarrhea & vomit, a just yucky feeling one.

Everyone but Cole is better.

Oops forgot to mention...Cancer wise info.
1. next MRI & monthly bloodwork - Thursday, March 5
2. oncology follow up - Tuesday, March 10

Chat later,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

This n that

I am feeling woozy today for some reason. After church I had to have my window down for the fresh air. I also attempted a nap after we ate Bread Co.. To no avail I couldn't fall asleep. I ALWAYS fall asleep. It is never a problem. At least I rested. Cole as well does not feel good he will most likely stay home from school tomorrow.

The stitches are out! I pulled one that was undone yesterday and the other as well.

I have some wonderful notes from church that I really wanted to share. Maybe in a few hours. Hopefully it doesn't turn into days.

much love,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Chemo complete!

I am going to bed soon due to fatigue.
Well, it seems that the February chemo cycle...

...was better than all the rest one yet
...bowels a workin'
...minimal headaches
...fatigue? YES that's a given
...a tongue sore - uncomfortable but tolerable

Thank you for praying over this month it is a delight to share the blessings. Yes, I said blessing in regards to chemo. I had a great last few weeks spending some time in contemplation. I am considering a blog on "Can a person get used to having cancer?"

Update on the stitched finger: It is sore but improving. A band aid is covering it most of the time due to the stitching catching on clothing, towels, etc. It pulls which makes it uncomfortable. I am a little freakish on cutting things since the accident. A friend brought over a bread loaf. I was relieved to see it was already sliced. Whew!

A little tired, time for bed.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes, this is my left hand as of noon today. While making sandwiches I sliced a tiny portion of my middle finger which required two stitches. Ouch! The two needle pricks to numb it were painful along with the stitching. The lidocaine obviously didn't work. I really do not know WHY they put such a HUGE bandage on my finger (a band aid is covering the stitches). I felt it was picture worthy - All but my non manicured hands. Oh well. Not much typing in the near future. 24 hours of keeping it dry with original band aid. In 7 days the stitches can be removed.

Tonight is my 3 of 5 chemo pills. I am so thankful that it will be halfway over. No headaches thus far. Pray it continues. The constipation & fatigue are another issue.

Oh, I also received a tetanus shot as I wasn't sure of my last one. My arm is sore as well. Oh well.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Starting February chemo

Chemo starts tomorrow (Friday) evening till Tuesday.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesdays update

Todays oncology appointment went well. He ordered a thyroid blood test since my weight has increased sixteen pounds since last December. He said it is not likely that Temodar causes the weight gain. Yes, it is this gal who doesn't exercise regularly. Ok, I didn't do it prior to December so what's the deal? I am really seeing it in my pants. Aghhhhh. No thank you.

Thankfully, my WBC was the same as last month a good 5.1. It needed to be over 4.0.

I will have my MRI next month in March prior to seeing the doctor again. My normal labs will also be taken at that time.


Monday, February 09, 2009

Get out & play

Well, its a beautiful Monday here in the St. Louis community. A fine day to enjoy the outside. A breeze is a blowin' but not too blustery. Okay enough on the so desired weather. I am not a winter lover for sure. I just spent some time outside chatting with a friend while Stuart played with Calvin in the sunny delight.

Dave's parents left Sunday around noon for their drive back to Indiana.
It was a wonderful weekend spending time with them. Each boy won their respective basketball games and 5 Guys burgers & fries was a sure winner. A little noisy but what do you expect for such a trendy place. I was able to take a nap after the long Saturday once home. We made homemade pizzas for dinner with a great easy dessert. My mom told me about a weight watchers dessert with only 2 points (of course ours were more due to the whip cream) yum yum. A rasberry was also a delight on top. This cake was a box of angel food mixed with a can of crushed pineapple in its own juice. Bake for 25+ minutes in the correct degree oven (check the box directions). Once complete take out of the oven and turn upside down on an elevated container to cool. I was wiggin thinking the cake would fall out but mom assured me it wouldn't . She was right! It is great for breakfast as well. Or at least I think it is.

I have a oncology appointment tomorrow morning with my labs taken prior to that time. I am hoping my white blood cell count is still at a good level - above 4.0. Please pray accordingly. I have a busy day as I have another doctors appointment after the oncologist. Yippee - not. I was trying to save on gas money & my time as they are in the St. Johns area with staggered times.

Hope your day is well...


Friday, February 06, 2009

Crazy Hair Day 2009

I had so much fun taking the older boys pictures this morning as it was crazy hair day today. They didn't have to wear their uniforms so it is always a bustle of activity on special days. Enjoy the pics! I just couldn't crop out my new "S" monogrammed flag out of Cole's individual picture. I am sure most understand.

Dave's parents are visiting this weekend. We are looking forward to spending time with them. We haven't seen them since the summer. They will be able to take in two basketball games. We are going to let them experience the burgers at 5 Guys burgers and fries. YUMMY! Cannot go wrong with greasy burgers. Ok, you might be saying, Kate you were just complaining of the weight gain - beluga whale fat on the trunk. Yes, I was but splurging once in a while is fine.
Carter had two looks.
Blue wig & sprayed painted

Peace Out from the Snodgrass boys

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Last night our school had a dinner fundraiser at McD's. I waited for Dave to arrive from work as he would be taking Cole to his basketball practice. Carter & Stuart will return home with me. Tag team. Okay, as you know I am not a fan of Mc D's. Especially since I am trying to lose some of the beluga whale fat from fall. Yes, no more silver lining of losing weight with chemo. It is gaining weight. Aghh. Cannot fit well into my pants. Not sure if it is the lack of exercise being winter or foods eaten. I am trying to watch what I am eating till spring arrives. Okay off the tangent of beluga fat on my hips and trunk...

Last night after ordering the boys eats I left for Chic Fil A. I just couldn't bring myself to eating McD's. I went to our van after unlocking it with my keys and noticed a tote on the passenger seat. "Hmmm who got in my van to give me the tote?" Oh my goodness these are leather seats! This is NOT our van. I totally went into someone elses vehicle. I was alarmed to say the least till I figured out it was a family from our school who has the same van as us except with nicer seats. I laughed all the way to Chic Fil A. Only me. That reminded me of a time when I went into a mens restroom at the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown. Ha ha ha.

Heres to good laughs...

I am working on a more in depth post in my head. It will take some time to compile my thoughts. I so need a notepad by my bed at night.