Thursday, February 26, 2009

Cole update

Yesterday, Cole was taken to the pediatricians office. Tested for strep & influenza. Positive for both. An antibiotic was given and he is better today. Thankfully. We are going to have him miss school again tomorrow since his immune system is so compromised. A whole week of school is what he has missed. I don't mind him missing school but he does. He is so ready to return.
** side note: 7 kids in his class have missed this week. It brings some comfort to him to know others are going through this.

hope all is well with you,


Anonymous said...


We've had some viruses going on here too.. test for strep was negative. Andrew was home Tues. and Wed. But be encouraged.. Spring will be here soon!

Kim B.

Anonymous said...

I could have run into you at the pediatricians b/c we were there TWICE w/i 48 hours w/ Elijah this week! Tis the season for bugs, huh? Praying he continues to improve & praying for an extra measure of servant-heartedness on your part...wonderful Mom that you are. Hugs 2 you today! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Hope Cole is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is feeling better soon. In my area everyone is also sick-kids and adults. One of my nieces got a virus with a rash which looked like chicken pox. I have a cold while writing which is why I have time to look at my favorites sites with more than just a quick read. So there are a few good things about having to slow down and let your body heal! Its harder on kids especially if they care about attendance. (that is awesome if they do but also hard comfort them when they have to miss) My daughter is like that as well. Hoping that in a few days your family will be germ free.