Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes, this is my left hand as of noon today. While making sandwiches I sliced a tiny portion of my middle finger which required two stitches. Ouch! The two needle pricks to numb it were painful along with the stitching. The lidocaine obviously didn't work. I really do not know WHY they put such a HUGE bandage on my finger (a band aid is covering the stitches). I felt it was picture worthy - All but my non manicured hands. Oh well. Not much typing in the near future. 24 hours of keeping it dry with original band aid. In 7 days the stitches can be removed.

Tonight is my 3 of 5 chemo pills. I am so thankful that it will be halfway over. No headaches thus far. Pray it continues. The constipation & fatigue are another issue.

Oh, I also received a tetanus shot as I wasn't sure of my last one. My arm is sore as well. Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Kate....that looks like it might be sore! That is a very impressive bandage! When can you take that huge thing off?? I will be praying for that healing as well as the rest of your chemo- and less side fun, huh? Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day with all your men- we spent the day exploring some castles in Switzerland. :) Love and miss you! Baci! (kisses) Jen (Italia)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! A big ole bandage and chemo and some side effects....not fun! Valentine's with your hubby and boys....FUN!

In His Grip,
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes, Kate! That bandage looks like you did some serious damage... glad to hear it's covered by a small bandage underneath. Be careful how you hold up your hand to show that thing to people :->

Looking foward to seeing you tomorrow for a few minutes, when I drop off your low-carb, high-fiber help-with-those-side-effects meal. Hopefully it will also be GOOD!

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Lemme tell ya something about Tetanus shots. The reason that they are given every ten years is because it takes TEN YEARS for the large LUMP in the arm to be re-absorbed!!! EEE-YOW! AND I would like to make an editorial comment that, yes, often the burning of the lidocaine local is way worse than the stiches themselves AND sometimes the attending medical person is antsy and gets started B4it's numb! I think that a lidocaine paste / gel should be applied FIRST, THEN the injection, THEN read a magazine, THEN get stiches. But that's probably not an acceptable agenda if they're trying to get people in-and-out, ya know? Hope you are recup-ing well & that you are getting LOTS of TLC and help from your boys. L Jo

Danielle in MO said...


Anonymous said...

My sympathy, Kate!

I had a tetanus shot last fall following a hand injury and a trip to the emergency room...YOW! My arm ached for days!! Poor you, with chemo, stitches, and a tetanus shot! You are the walking wounded for sure! I will be praying for you for some serious relief in all regards.

:-) Erika

julie lopez said...

An unrelated comment to this last entry.
My sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I was able to pull up your nutrition research from 2006. It was very helpful for her and she was encouraged by it. I also read her some excerpts from different devotionals that you have posted.
Thanks for touching peoples' lives that you don't even know and using this trial to let God shine through you.
Julie Lopez

Anonymous said...

From Isaac w/ Mommy L Jo as "scribe," typing verbatim...
"Dear Kate: This is Isaac. I kind of like your stich! And I also like that kind of bow that ties on you. That sounds pretty to me. AND I was telling you about this: I was thinking if you could have something like this tent pole. I was thinking like if you could have that some day. What about a Land Rover? Would you like to have a Land Rover after the car you have now? I hope you hand feels better! Here's mommy...." to Google Land Rovers for Motor Trend says...they're the "Ultimate Urban Assault Vehicle." Hmmm... Don't know what I think about that. He has $3.14 in his piggy bank and only has $78,447 more to save. That's a lot of chores. I'm just sayin'. Thinking of you! L Jo