Monday, October 27, 2008

Boiler Up

I love this man!
We are imperfect people perfect for each other.
Dave and I just returned from a great getaway weekend at Purdue. They lost the football game against Minnesota but oh well. We had fun. At the game the fans cheered "Boiler up" when the athletes did a defensive move. Dave said that is a new term. I bought a shirt with those words. It is drying as we type. I had fun repeating "boiler up" to him. Lots of eating out, walking and shopping was had along with good conversation. We did go to LaBamba, the mexican joint that boasts they have burritos as big as your head. Ughhh. Dave stated it wasn't what he remember them tasting like. I agreed. We were disappointed. Our taste buds have been radically changed with me having cancer and such. We revamped our eating habits the past two years and it shows. I am sure the mexican food was just like it used to be - but oh well. After the game and food I took a late afternoon nap at the hotel. I was exhausted. (I am laughing at the above sentence stating our eating habits changed since surgery. With what I am about to type.) We ended up having Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for our dinner by accident. (Timing was off.) We decided to go back to the hotel after the sugar to watch some movies and never went back out. We were full from the bomba. So much for a healthy dinner. (shhh don't tell the kids.) Sunday morning we were so ready for a good breakfast.
Artwork at LaBamba

Many thanks to my mom for helping take care of the boys on the homefront. Yes, she was the official "soccer gram" on Saturday with Cole's chilly early morning game. Stuart did not nap for her on two of the days. She had her hands full for sure.

The bummer of it all is that I missed Angie's memorial on Saturday. A friend mentioned to me the following in an email a few weeks ago.

"God, in his foreknowledge, KNEW Angie's days. He knew when she would die He knew when her memorial would be planned in St. Louis, and he KNEW that you and Dave would be planning a weekend together...and that it would be THAT weekend."

Great weekend memories...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voting Importance

I am feeling much better this afternoon. Thank you. It was the chemo lapse side effect. Hmmm two days. I really hope it doesn't do this in November.

I normally don't get into political stuff yet, I thought this video was one NOT to pass up.

My post won't let me make it into a direct web link. You will need to copy and paste it to your internet. If you have a firewall it may not let you into the website.

Off to family movie night. Gotta get a movie and order pizza. The boys do not have school tomorrow - Teacher work day.


Today was a First

Today was a first ( hopefully not of many to come) in the chemo regimen. I finished my five day October cycle Tuesday night. This morning I was ill. I vomited. I am hoping constipation was the culprit. Zofran should help this morning along with sleep while Stuart is at school.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Culture Results

The results are in from Cole's finger culture from Friday.
Two items resulted. 1. Group A strep 2. Staph. Both will be eradicated with the oral antibiotic he has been on since Friday. Even the staph. The pediatrician affirmed my hesitations.

Gotta take a nap... I have been tired the past few days along with good nausea.

I am glad that tonight is the 5 of 5 nights chemo. Last Night Hooray!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Impetigo part 2

Ok, why is it pronounced em FE tigo and yet spelled impetigo. I don't see the silent "f" sound. Must be latin. I better ask Carter for he is taking it this year. Hmmmm.

The latest update on Cole is that the culture was taken, I forgot to ask the doctor when we will know the results. Stuart (Dennis) was all over the place during the appointment and Cole was a little fearful of it possibly hurting. Multitasking can we say? I was so ready to leave when it was all said and done. I called after my nap yesterday and spoke to a receptionist. She said most likely we will hear something after Tuesday on what the bacteria could be on his fingers. Cole was prescribed an oral antibiotic. He will be taking it along with his topical ointment three times daily. I need to soak his fingers daily. We can already see an improvement. The oral antibiotic is the big guns since Cole has a PCN, penicillin allergy. He cannot take the simple antibiotic of amoxicillin. He did not return to school yesterday for Grandparents Day. Fine for him. He also did not have his soccer game today. Not fine for him. It was forfeited due to many who could not attend. That made him feel better. Long story short: A culture was taken. We will find out more later. Cole and famly are recovering.

Today has been one of needed rest for all. I didn't get out of bed till 9:24 which is not like me. I was up at 6 ish yet stayed in bed. I also took a nap when Stuart had his quiet time this afternoon for I was tired. Chemo is now in effect. I have the normal first chemo side effects of a mild head rush and an upset stomach. Tolerable, so I cannot complain. I am hoping for no more effects.

Many thanks to Jane for bringing delicious, moist bran muffins to my home yesterday morning. I have devoured many. They will be gone by Sunday. No problem.

Today has been a good day.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Cole and Stuart came down this week with a contagious skin infection, impetigo. I am taking Cole to the doctor this morning. He doesn't have the spots on his face like Stuart did but his fingertips are infected. We just noticed it last night! Thankfully the oral antibiotic is helping Stuart. Cole is taking an antibiotic ointment. That most likely will change after the visit this morning. Please pray it is not a serious staph infection. What am I saying all staph infections are serious. Aren't they? Aghhhh.

Grandparents Day is this morning at school. My dad is attending. My mom is out of town. The other grandparents live out of state.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BirthDAY pics

Forgot to mention that a Fed Ex package arrived today. Yes, it was my chemo for Friday. It's a great reminder that I am thankful to be here on earth celebrating with my family(poison and all).

The family at dinner
35 year old Mom with her boys
Stuart helping mom blow out the candle

2 down, 45 to GO

6:45 am revision: I came downstairs to find Carter making breakfast. An over easy egg with pancakes were already on the "You are special plate". Oh that does my heart good this morning. At bedtime, Stuart was crying wanting to give me my birthday card he just made. He didn't understand that it was in the morning. I look forward to opening it this morning at breakfast with everyone.

8:15 am revision: Carter summoned me to return to bed for breakfast in bed. He even made peppermint hot tea with my good china cup and a saucer! I never use a saucer on the weekdays let alone my cute cups. It
is usually the hospital / school ugly mugs during the week. A cute surprise was the iced tea spoon he used to stir the honey. They are extremely long if you know what I mean. Stuart wanted to show me every sticker he used for the birthday card. Cole's creative card could have been used as a purse. He corrected me in saying it could be used as a necklace. Thanks to pipe cleaners aka: chenille stems. I will try to post pictures later today (maybe tomorrow) in this post. Keep checking.

Written yesterday as a draft for today:
That's right! I am 35 today! By my calculations 2 down and 45 to go for 82 years of living cancerfree. The doctors median expectancy 2 years ago gave me 4 years. I am thankful I have had two great years with my family and friends. Tonight we plan to celebrate as a family by eating out for dinner.

This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24

Dave and I have a weekend getaway planned sometime soon. We are going to see a Purdue football game. His alma mater. Yes, this was my idea. I love any time away with my husband. If football & food is in the mix...GREAT. I have already told him that I want to eat at the "Burritos as big as your head" locale. Cannot remember the name of the restaurant at this time. But you get what I am trying to say. The food there tastes good! The last game we attended was when we were dating. Good memories... Somewhat.... My feet froze during that November game. Not this time! I will be prepared. The picture below is from that weekend.
Purdue Calendar Girl

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On Sunday afternoon we hosted a Farewell Party for our good friends, Wade and Ramona. They are moving to Mississippi soon. They have been such good friends to us during the past few years. Wade spent each night with Dave while I was in the ICU for both surgeries. That's TWO. He was such a blessing to Dave to have someone there for companionship. Later they had good laughs over some things that happened. Dave is a hard sleeper. My 2006 nurse was trying to wake him at one point during the night. She "straddled" him from what Wade was saying. Not sure what the truth is...Oh well.

Our families have even vacationed together. August of 2007 was such fun at the Ozarks. We really had a good time getting to know one another. Good laughs. Ask them about the scorpions. Aghhh - maybe not

On to the party. It was good to have the energy to plan the event. It was also good to have the party on my planner prior to the MRI results last week. I was mostly concerned about the party details over the MRI results till I heard about Angie's death.
Wade, Ramona, Liliana & Leila you will be missed.

Friday, October 10, 2008


The MRI results stated "stable" in the notes. We are praising God for this information today.

Sorry for a short post today but time is precious at home.


Thursday, October 09, 2008


My friend, Angie passed away last night at 6:15. I found out this morning.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

99 Balloons

Many thanks to Heather for posting this on her blog. I was oh SO touched. Be sure to turn up the volume and watch it ALL.
It is a great reminder of how a parent loves their child no matter what and how God loves ME no matter what. Thank you Jesus. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Copy the following link and paste onto your browser.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MRI again!

Yes, my MRI was today. It was ok except for my need to clear my throat. I tried desperately hard to not move my head. Very hard to do when you need to clear the throat / cough when the machine is making the hard knocking noises along with clicking vibrations. I took my time praying for various needs that came to mind. It is nice having my MRI at the Town & Country location branch. The ladies there are getting to know me and I them. Levetta is a delight. She has decided to make a file specifically for me. You see I fill out the same papers each time I go in. It doesn't change that often and we know it. She asks about the boys especially Stuart since she has seen him often. It is like a hometown branch. The ladies were joking today. The mood was good. Sue is also a big help. She takes my labs every once in a while. She also was the one who did my first CT scan in late October of 2006. The first time we found out about the cancer. A day I won't forget....Laying in on the scan table wondering why I was having so many debilitating headaches.

Thanks for checking in. I see the doctor on Friday with the results. Pray for no change from the last scan.

Off to check on the homemade chicken noodle soup. Stuart and I are needing it badly tonight. Yes, he has it too.


Monday, October 06, 2008

Why do you do...what you do?

What a person does is the visible evidence of what is person is.

The above quote I felt was powerful in my CBS notes on Romans.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Broken Record

I have been battling a cold the past few days. Dave unfortunately has also contracted it as of this morning. It is tiring/discouraging having multiple colds. My throat is sore at night with this cold. Sleep is affected.

This weekend was good even with a cold. The boys each played their respective games great! Cole scored his first ever goal in soccer. I didn't get to see this feat. I heard it was wonderful. I stayed home while Carter caught up on his sleep. Friday night he attended a lock-in at church with his fellow Sunday school friends. As for Carter's feat he had his first "in the park home run" last night at his fall ball game. Cole, Stuart and I were at the schools fall picnic. Yes, I missed both feats. Discouraging.

Hope your weekend is going well.

I have my next MRI on Tuesday morning.