Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Culture Results

The results are in from Cole's finger culture from Friday.
Two items resulted. 1. Group A strep 2. Staph. Both will be eradicated with the oral antibiotic he has been on since Friday. Even the staph. The pediatrician affirmed my hesitations.

Gotta take a nap... I have been tired the past few days along with good nausea.

I am glad that tonight is the 5 of 5 nights chemo. Last Night Hooray!



Anonymous said...

Yuck! Strep and staph are both so yucky, but oral antibiotics ARE amazing. What did we do before they were invented?!

Praying for health for the WHOLE family!

:-) Erika

Anonymous said...

Thank you God for doctors and medicine!! And for Day 5 of chemo!

Praying for everyone's sleep tonight!

In His Grip,
Sue :)