Saturday, October 18, 2008

Impetigo part 2

Ok, why is it pronounced em FE tigo and yet spelled impetigo. I don't see the silent "f" sound. Must be latin. I better ask Carter for he is taking it this year. Hmmmm.

The latest update on Cole is that the culture was taken, I forgot to ask the doctor when we will know the results. Stuart (Dennis) was all over the place during the appointment and Cole was a little fearful of it possibly hurting. Multitasking can we say? I was so ready to leave when it was all said and done. I called after my nap yesterday and spoke to a receptionist. She said most likely we will hear something after Tuesday on what the bacteria could be on his fingers. Cole was prescribed an oral antibiotic. He will be taking it along with his topical ointment three times daily. I need to soak his fingers daily. We can already see an improvement. The oral antibiotic is the big guns since Cole has a PCN, penicillin allergy. He cannot take the simple antibiotic of amoxicillin. He did not return to school yesterday for Grandparents Day. Fine for him. He also did not have his soccer game today. Not fine for him. It was forfeited due to many who could not attend. That made him feel better. Long story short: A culture was taken. We will find out more later. Cole and famly are recovering.

Today has been one of needed rest for all. I didn't get out of bed till 9:24 which is not like me. I was up at 6 ish yet stayed in bed. I also took a nap when Stuart had his quiet time this afternoon for I was tired. Chemo is now in effect. I have the normal first chemo side effects of a mild head rush and an upset stomach. Tolerable, so I cannot complain. I am hoping for no more effects.

Many thanks to Jane for bringing delicious, moist bran muffins to my home yesterday morning. I have devoured many. They will be gone by Sunday. No problem.

Today has been a good day.


Anonymous said...

So far so good, no Impetigo at our house or the Heintz's.


Anonymous said... impetigo over here case it's like airborne or something (kidding). Thinking of you, Kate...hoping Cole continues to improve, that the attendance at soccer will improve, and that the bran muffins will last a long long time. L Jo

Anonymous said...

Impetigo is correctly pronounced the same way as it is spelled, except that the 'i' is often pronounced as an 'a'. Because it is often seen in toddlers, some people improperly call it infantigo, and the pronunciation that you heard may be a combination of the correct pronunciation and this variation. I'm a physician who has been following your blog since I learned of it from the blog of a friend who has also been treated for a brain tumor. My own son (35) has been fighting colon cancer for 4 years. Your faith helps me rely on my own. I do pray for you often. Marlene

Anonymous said...

It's Marlene again, I wonder if your children might enjoy my son's blog about the adventures of his hippo hand puppet: It's a way for him to do something enjoyable in the intervals between treatments and when he's able to work again (part time).