Friday, October 10, 2008


The MRI results stated "stable" in the notes. We are praising God for this information today.

Sorry for a short post today but time is precious at home.



Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!!!!!! I am rejoicing with you! Glad you have some famiy time today -- use it and draw everybody close!!!! This is HUGE news & I'm tearing up knowing how poignant the news is on the tail of an emotionally difficult week in the world of cancer we share with our friends. Stable is good. Go w/ it! Laura J

Julie said...

Praise God for the comforting news. We continue to pray.


Jean said...

Hi Kate,
You don't know me...but I have been following your blog since last November. I think I first found it from Heather's website, who I found b/c someone posted her link on my sister's blog. My baby sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor last July...Praise God she is doing extremely well! And I praise God for your good MRI results as well. You and your family continue to be in my prayers. The reason I decided to write today is because I was shocked to see your name on the Care Pages site for Angie Elliott. I went to college with Angie...I haven't seen her for many years, but she was definitely someone who once touched my life and had a permanent impact. I have been following her fight since last fall, and was also terribly saddened by her passing. I don't know your connection to Angie...but amazing to discover this small world. I will pray for you also as you mourn her loss. God Bless You!
Jean V.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate! "Stable" is huge!!! Yipee, God!

Love ya, Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Jean V. who knows Angie E., too: W-O-W!!! (I'm sure Kate won't mind me writing YOU on HER blog...she loves Angie, too) I went to high school w/ Angie and Kate and I were in Bible studies w/ her through our home church in St. Louis. About half the people that read this blog knew Angie, too. She touched lives. Just like Kate, huh? Glad to know ya (...kind of in a cyberspace way...)! Laura Joback (yeah...I know...writing twice in like a two hour period...ah,well!)

Anonymous said...

Thanking and praising God! Stable is good. You continue to be in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers! Again, Kate I'm so sorry about Angie. I didn't know her (of course you know that) but am praying for everyone who did and are grieving her. I also know how difficult her loss is to you considering the connection of this horrible cancer disease. As you mourn please remember she is in heaven and no longer suffering. She is smiling down upon all of you and saying "If you could see me now!" take care and God Bless!
Danielle (IN)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! I saw the word stable and said "Woo hoo!" out loud! God is GOOD... in ALL the ups and downs of this week He has been good.

We're praying for you -- all the time, and even a little more this week as we all struggle with the loss of Angie. I love what Laura said about Angie and Elizabeth talking in Heaven! That's a sweet thought.

Hope you had some great family time today!


Anonymous said...

Yee-haw! Stable is fabulous!!

:-) Erika

Anonymous said...

We are all uplifted by the report you have received. What great news to go into the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Praising God for the stable report. We rejoice with you. Enjoy your weekend with your family.
We will continue to pray for strength and health.


Ramona Lisa said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! So glad. Love you!