Monday, October 27, 2008

Boiler Up

I love this man!
We are imperfect people perfect for each other.
Dave and I just returned from a great getaway weekend at Purdue. They lost the football game against Minnesota but oh well. We had fun. At the game the fans cheered "Boiler up" when the athletes did a defensive move. Dave said that is a new term. I bought a shirt with those words. It is drying as we type. I had fun repeating "boiler up" to him. Lots of eating out, walking and shopping was had along with good conversation. We did go to LaBamba, the mexican joint that boasts they have burritos as big as your head. Ughhh. Dave stated it wasn't what he remember them tasting like. I agreed. We were disappointed. Our taste buds have been radically changed with me having cancer and such. We revamped our eating habits the past two years and it shows. I am sure the mexican food was just like it used to be - but oh well. After the game and food I took a late afternoon nap at the hotel. I was exhausted. (I am laughing at the above sentence stating our eating habits changed since surgery. With what I am about to type.) We ended up having Cold Stone Creamery ice cream for our dinner by accident. (Timing was off.) We decided to go back to the hotel after the sugar to watch some movies and never went back out. We were full from the bomba. So much for a healthy dinner. (shhh don't tell the kids.) Sunday morning we were so ready for a good breakfast.
Artwork at LaBamba

Many thanks to my mom for helping take care of the boys on the homefront. Yes, she was the official "soccer gram" on Saturday with Cole's chilly early morning game. Stuart did not nap for her on two of the days. She had her hands full for sure.

The bummer of it all is that I missed Angie's memorial on Saturday. A friend mentioned to me the following in an email a few weeks ago.

"God, in his foreknowledge, KNEW Angie's days. He knew when she would die He knew when her memorial would be planned in St. Louis, and he KNEW that you and Dave would be planning a weekend together...and that it would be THAT weekend."

Great weekend memories...


Anonymous said...

Kate- What a great picture! You two look relaxed and happy! It is always nice to sneak away for the weekend- your Mom is such a treasure! It was a busy week with CBSI and having guests- yesterday was spent doing laundry and takes a couple of days! Today we are having a guy from STL over for dinner- so off to the grocery! Love you and miss you- Jen (Italia)

Anonymous said...

What a great time together.

Anonymous said...

I smiled when I saw the picture of you 2 on your special weekend away!!! And, how you love eachother is a testament to God working in your lives...."2 imperfect people perfect for eachother!!" AMEN!

Even in the midst of trials and troubles, God still is God and is amazing in how He loves us and cares to send special "treats" our way...and knowing/giving us our families of origin and our families of marriage!!

People helping eachother out...another way God is working amongst us....Special "thanks" to Soccer Gram for humbly serving and lovingly sacrificing (in a good, positive way, I mean!).

Love, Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Boiler up

carol voelkel said...

so glad that you two had such a fun weekend!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH cute pic! Just about as cute as that one of you on same sign taken about um 2 decades ago...OK 1 decade ago. Any-hoo...we're STILL old. Well a least I AM! Your hair looks cuuuuutttteee! I laughed that the burritos-as-big-as-your-head bombed your healthy-eating-selves' probably AREN'T used to such these days! I think a lot of things in life aren't the same as we remember them to be. Perhaps it's b/c our neurons don't synapse quite as they used to in the olden days. Or perhaps it's because our taste buds are plumb tuckered out from years of overuse. Or perhaps yours are numb from too much healthy eating. A little hot Mexican food might just be GOOD for you! But perhaps a burrito a QUARTER the size of your head would be a better meal to tackle. Burritos as BIG as your head...well, that' just plain scary. Thinking of U. L Jo (but you probably already knew that)

Ramona Lisa said...

So glad you had a great getaway. We're going to miss you both!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate, I enjoyed this entry and the picture of you and Dave! I know what you mean about the taste buds. Your situation is partly responsible for my change in eating habits too. Some things it is now easy to say "no" to because they aren't worth eating when I'm limiting my sweets. Some things I still want and they turn out to be disappointing, and some are still YUMMY!

I was surprised not to see you at Angie's memorial, then I guessed it was your weekend away.

Hope your family has a good long weekend!

Nancy V

andy said...

La Bamba nachos were great! I used to place my order in spanish. I am positive that this got me extra meat every time. (not really, i'm sure they probably called me 'gringo loco' when i left)
Sounds like a fun weekend.