Friday, May 22, 2009

Schools Out!

Today is the last day of school. Summer here we come. Stuart's last day was yesterday. He was trying to understand why he won't be returning next week. At dinner he was given a lengthy "four year terminology" explanation for him to hopefully understand. Carter and Cole are so ready for summer. Mom... I am not so sure. It will be a summer of pool, library, pool, library, family trip to Indiana for Dave's high school reunion, outside fun, pool, library (you get the picture). Gotta keep them engaged. Carter is attending a summer camp in Illinois for approximately 5 days in late July. Cole is not interested in any way possible leaving home. He is my home body which is just fine with me.

Need to make breakfast, I'm taking the boys to school. Busy morning!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quiet Day

Just wanting to check in to say hello to you and hope your day was one of quietness.

Today has been one of rest for me. The heavy rains last night gave way to canceled ball games for today. Although, Cole had team pics early this morning. Thankfully, I was able to plant my flowers this afternoon. More to go for my back patio containers. Are you not amazed to see the beautiful colors God allows us to enjoy in creation?

Carter & I took the time this afternoon to plan his 11th birthday. Whoa. Eleven years in early June. I am happy to be here to enjoy his upcoming day.

Thank you for praying continually for my evening energy and the upcoming June cancer stuff. On the MRI - Need a "no change" report. I really desire to know how the doctor will proceed from here since I haven't been on chemo since March. Scans / blood work every X months? What is to come... ???


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Evening Umph

We recently returned from our vacation. It was great being able to spend good family time together without any schedule to adhere to. The boys love our tradition of going to a local ice cream hot spot, Royal Scoop. We went four times during the week. Yes, even before our meals. Vacation is great! Dave and I also celebrated our 13 years of marriage on May 4 while in Florida. Looking forward to year 14 with him. I am blessed.
Lately I have needed some extra energy during the evening hours. Umph is desired. I really tucker out by 7:30. If it is a good day 8:02 pm. I thought :02 sounded good. ;) ; ) :)

June is fast approaching so here are some prayerful dates for you.

Saturday, June 6 is my MRI & bloodwork
Tuesday, June 9 see oncologist with results