Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quiet Day

Just wanting to check in to say hello to you and hope your day was one of quietness.

Today has been one of rest for me. The heavy rains last night gave way to canceled ball games for today. Although, Cole had team pics early this morning. Thankfully, I was able to plant my flowers this afternoon. More to go for my back patio containers. Are you not amazed to see the beautiful colors God allows us to enjoy in creation?

Carter & I took the time this afternoon to plan his 11th birthday. Whoa. Eleven years in early June. I am happy to be here to enjoy his upcoming day.

Thank you for praying continually for my evening energy and the upcoming June cancer stuff. On the MRI - Need a "no change" report. I really desire to know how the doctor will proceed from here since I haven't been on chemo since March. Scans / blood work every X months? What is to come... ???



Anonymous said...

SO glad you are a part of these cute pictures too! God is so good isn't HE! Glad you got to get away!!

Emily :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Unfortunately it was not a day of rest...but we did buy me a tread mill!!! It will be delivered this Thursday.

It was just stinking hot (I like the word "stinking")...and it will be until Nov. ha, ha! Normally, we're not out ALL day, so you don't get as drained. Today we were.

Need to write in my blog...hee hee!
Praying for June appts.

Love & Hugs,
Sue :)

Especially Heather said...

Hey You!
Just wanted to pop in and tell you that I am so very happy that you are still here too!

Regarding the blood work and MRI, My doctors at Moffit have scheduled my MRI's for every two months for the first year after chemo (I ended in August of '08) and there is no need for blood work because I am not on chemo. The only reason they were doing blood work was to monitor my platelet numbers because of the Temodar.

I am not assuming that will be your course of action, but it is standard, as far as I know, for post chemo :)

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in...yeah "what is to come...." Tough one to ponder and tough one to try to NOT ponder...all at the same time. I was thinking about cheery spring flowers just yesterday looking at a pot of mini pansies -- they looked like they were 1/3 or 1/4 of the "normal" size...the purple and black and yellow CHEERY!!!! Blessings to you & thinking 'bout you...will probably e-mail later tonight or tomorrow AM. L Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

SO glad to see your vacation pics and read about your spring planting. I certainly WILL pray for energy for you, and for the June appts. and for peace of mind. I am very bad at waiting and at surprises; I like to know my answers IMMEDIATELY; I can imagine you are wondering A LOT what the future holds!

Praying for peace and good reports,