Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow snow & more snow

Last night it snowed. Carter went out late to measure the depth at 5.5 inches. This morning the total in depth was 7.5 maybe not .5 exactly but close to it. We had fun this afternoon sledding at a local church hill. I was hoping to see someone we knew. Today I brought the camera during our sledding time. Of course, the battery died at just the opportune time. I wanted to get a group pic of me and the boys. No deal. Carter was bummed as well for his "runs" with the snowboard were getting some "serious air" due to a great bump / ramp at the end. He hit them well without falling. You know I would so be on my duff. I was yesterday trying to avoid hitting Cole as we were in a race. ME on a normal sled as I totally do not get on the board. I am not as much as a risk taker as I used to be.

We spent a good hour in the morning & afternoon shoveling snow from the driveway. The afternoon hour was more productive - thanks to the sunshine.

Whoa Stuart!

Today, Stuart even went down by himself (normally it is with a brother). Although, he ran into a dad's ankle at the bottom. The red coat dad was not nice to Stuart as he said to some extent "Why don't you yell as you are coming down?" I so wanted to yell at him for his idiotic response to a four year old on a sled. Like a toddler can warn someone at the bottom. Grrr, mama bear here....Man why don't YOU move out of the way for the young sledders are coming down. Ding dong! I didn't say anything (bit my tongue) but gently to Stu "Sweetie lets watch it." He is so not aware of sledding etiquette. Give the four year old some slack. I so wanted to....Cannnot share on here. Thanks for lettting me get it off my chest. Enough about sledding.. All in all we had a blast! Yesterday AND today.
With wind burned faces..

C-train a chuggin' down!

Yo, Carter you got it!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day 2009

3 Too Cool boys
(of course, Carter is the one who thinks he is cool in the pic. He is at a stage where he thinks it is fun to make a cool look. - NOT)

Everyone LOVES a good snow day! Dave and I have reminisced with the boys on cold evenings about our younger days. Dave in a Indiana blizzard when he was in kindergarten coming home on the back of a pickup. It was a white out kind of day. Me, with my older brother, Andrew building a igloo on our brick patio. Eating inside the igloo was a highlight for me! Other great stories as well.

My only hesitation with snow days is the sleet. One year I almost slid into a gas pump. Yep, Yikes! I see now why they have the poles near the pumps. It is because of young chics like me who cannot drive on ice. Of course, who can or should for that matter? I went to my grandparents home nearby to calm down. Grandma with loads of lovin' food was a delight to my heart and calmed my fears of seeing a explosion before my eyes. Yes, probably unlikely but my young heart and lack of knowledge(immaturity) thought it would have been possible.

Cole & Stuart have enjoyed today by using Tonka construction vehicles (diggers, backhoes, dumptrucks, etc) in the snow. Cole even put a heart in the snow with a warming message to me. He is my tender one.

Cool Carter went sledding near our neighbors home.

Here's to boys, snow, hot cocoa, marshmellows and NO school....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

January...? Check

Well, the verdict is in... January's chemo is now complete / over. Check that one off my list. Aside from Sunday nights migraine it was tolerable. The migraine so NOT tolerable. Don't want to repeat that in February!

February chemo cycle:
Friday, February 13 through Tuesday, February 17

Chat later...

Monday, January 19, 2009

From bad to worse to better..

That's right the title sums up last night (Sunday). I had a headache during dinner, took a 500 mg tylenol. Did other stuff around the home. The headache did not lessen. While on the computer last night (email, surfing, etc) I was reminded by Dave to take my Zofran. It was 9:37. Oops! I still needed to take my chemo after (usually one hour) the Zofran. I went upstairs to take the Zofran along with two 500 mg of tylenol. My headache was still not better after dinner. It actually was more bothersome. After the two tylenols it worsened. I was in a full fledge migraine. I laid down hoping it would relieve itself. My stomach was upset. I couldn't even go downstairs to let Dave know how I felt. I really wanted to let him know about my head. After two hours I felt it could have merited a ER trip for some major pain meds. Thankfully by midnight it was gone. I truly meant to take the chemo, Temodar but my stomach was so upset I didn't want to add to the issue at hand. It looks as if my chemo will stop Wednesday evening instead of Tuesday. Not sure if the migraine was attributed to the Temodar or hormones or Zofran. It is known that Temodar & Zofran side effects include headaches.

Thankfully, my constipation issues are not as bad as Decembers cycle. I guess this is a trade off.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How long?

Dr. Needles stated that depending on my blood counts and scans I could most likely go another 6 months with chemo (Temodar). It was a good visit today. I am thankful and relieved he made a decision about the chemo. Yes, not one I wanted to hear but thankful none the less.

My January chemo starts on Friday.
I wait for the LORD, my soul waits
and in his word I put my hope.
Psalm 130:5

Taking it month to month or (really day to day)...


Monday, January 12, 2009

Sneaking up appointments

Boy, I'm tellin' ya these monthly doctors appointments sneak up on me. Tomorrow morning I am to see my oncologist, Dr. Needles. I will have my labs taken prior to the appointment. Many questions will be asked to him regarding chemo continuance. Will it be February( 1 year 1 month) or June (1 1/2 years) or later? Please pray for his wisdom and God given endurance for me. I honestly think it boils down to... Do I trust? The doctor or God.

Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust.
Psalm 40:4

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dr. Cohen

The eye appointment was today and went well. No problems were seen. I am thankful! I see the oncologist next Tuesday in the morning to decide what is to be done after this determination.

I am tired and need to get to bed (or at least get Stuart to bed). Sorry for being so short.

Just wanted to give you an update. . .


Monday, January 05, 2009

Mom, etc.

My mom has not been feeling well. I would appreciate you praying for doctors wisdom. Thank you.

It has been busy weeks around the home with the boys. Christmas break ended today with school starting up. Today especially was a flurry of activity. Stuart had his long overdue four year check up. Three shots later he seems to be a normal growing boy. I am thankful. I don't take good health for granted.

This past weekend we enjoyed Carter's basketball tourney. They lost one but won two. Not bad. Cole is looking forward to starting his seasons first game this Saturday. Mom is as well. I hear he is working on his block out move. I so love basketball.

I have my eye doctor appointment downtown at Siteman tomorrow at 11. My mom will accompany me at that time. I did have the eye pain tonight. I truly think it is from fatigue. After I write this I am going to bed no later than 8:30. Stuart's checkup was at 2 this afternoon during his quiet time. (aka: my quiet time.)

Thank you for praying for my mom.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


"It looks good any way you have it." That would have been a expected/ normal response from Dave not long ago.

I have been indecisive about what to do about my hair. My hair is so due for a trim (probably major cut) if I want to keep it a shorter length. Longer or shorter....I like it either way I have found. When asking Dave the other day what he prefers he said to my surprise. "I like how you are growing it out." I was thrilled to have a defined answer from him who matters most. I will let it grow till the bangs get too much on my nerves. I have cut my bangs twice since I last saw the stylist.
Enough on the hair saga.... Yes, as you can remember I didn't want short hair in the beginning of the cancer trial but, that has changed. Or I guess you could say I have changed /let it go. Refined... Adjusted...(whatever terminology you choose). I am just glad to have my hair.

Last night (New Years Eve) a friend asked how the December chemo cycle went. I hadn't really told the blog community. Sorry. Here it is if you wanna know. Not too exciting that is for sure.

1. labor like cramping due to constipation (the yummy rice pudding and hoppin' johns black eyed peas (Friday morning & Thursday evening) prior to chemo didn't help I am sure. Cut out the carbs - cut out the carbs prior to chemo - I forgot that chemo was approaching It happens.)
2. fatigue
3. joint pain

Yes, #1 was a killer for sure. It felt as if I was delivering one of my babies. Please know I will attempt to cut out the carbohydrates prior to chemo. Zofran & Temodar side effects include constipation along with headaches. Thank you very much.

I have my eye appointment with Dr. Cohen downtown at Sitemans on Tuesday, January 6 (my sister, Jeanie's birthday) at 11. He is to check the pressure of my eye. Thankfully only minor aches in the right eye have occured since seeing the oncologist. Pain due to fatigue? Possibly teeth grinding in my sleep? We will hopefully see. I am just thankful no serious pain has occured in a long while.

January schedule includes an oncologist appointment on Tuesday, January 13. Possible chemo on Friday the 16th - Tuesday the 20th. It soley depends on Dr. Needles. I'm assuming he will take me into June. That will be a year and a half on chemo. I hope he'll be more decisive at the January appointment.

Here's to hair and chemo. . . Have a great 2009