Monday, January 05, 2009

Mom, etc.

My mom has not been feeling well. I would appreciate you praying for doctors wisdom. Thank you.

It has been busy weeks around the home with the boys. Christmas break ended today with school starting up. Today especially was a flurry of activity. Stuart had his long overdue four year check up. Three shots later he seems to be a normal growing boy. I am thankful. I don't take good health for granted.

This past weekend we enjoyed Carter's basketball tourney. They lost one but won two. Not bad. Cole is looking forward to starting his seasons first game this Saturday. Mom is as well. I hear he is working on his block out move. I so love basketball.

I have my eye doctor appointment downtown at Siteman tomorrow at 11. My mom will accompany me at that time. I did have the eye pain tonight. I truly think it is from fatigue. After I write this I am going to bed no later than 8:30. Stuart's checkup was at 2 this afternoon during his quiet time. (aka: my quiet time.)

Thank you for praying for my mom.


Jen said...

Praying for you and your mom- I would love to see you before I leave for Italia on Saturday- I will call you to see what works best! Love you, Kate- Jen

Anonymous said...

Kate...thanks again for your follow-up call today. It means a lot. Praying WITH FERVOR for your MOM, aka Soccer Gram, as WELL AS the usual praying I do for you. We fans of yours keep the skies of heaven busy w/ thanksivings and requests w/ your name on them...We all love you so! Know what I was thinking about? A picture I took of Mike holding Carter as a baby when he was a newborn...we came over to visit you and Dave when you lived in the ranch house b4 the present one... We were dating. You were the doting new mother and fluttering about between being hospitable to us and new-mom-jitters. Dave was as calm as can be...a rock (or seemingly, anyway) usual. I took photos of Carter and you guys & happened to snap one of Mike holding Carter up over one shoulder in a "burp me" position... Wow...such a long time ago... Good memories, babe! Love and hugs today (and thanks again for checking on me). L Jo