Monday, January 19, 2009

From bad to worse to better..

That's right the title sums up last night (Sunday). I had a headache during dinner, took a 500 mg tylenol. Did other stuff around the home. The headache did not lessen. While on the computer last night (email, surfing, etc) I was reminded by Dave to take my Zofran. It was 9:37. Oops! I still needed to take my chemo after (usually one hour) the Zofran. I went upstairs to take the Zofran along with two 500 mg of tylenol. My headache was still not better after dinner. It actually was more bothersome. After the two tylenols it worsened. I was in a full fledge migraine. I laid down hoping it would relieve itself. My stomach was upset. I couldn't even go downstairs to let Dave know how I felt. I really wanted to let him know about my head. After two hours I felt it could have merited a ER trip for some major pain meds. Thankfully by midnight it was gone. I truly meant to take the chemo, Temodar but my stomach was so upset I didn't want to add to the issue at hand. It looks as if my chemo will stop Wednesday evening instead of Tuesday. Not sure if the migraine was attributed to the Temodar or hormones or Zofran. It is known that Temodar & Zofran side effects include headaches.

Thankfully, my constipation issues are not as bad as Decembers cycle. I guess this is a trade off.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yep it's a constipation but a horrible migraine...I wish you NEITHER! Wait...did that come out right? I hope that you never have EITHER constipation OR migraines. There...that sounds better. Here's to healthy heads AND healthy bowels. What a pair! In your corner, no matter what body part it entails...we'll pray for you from head to toe LITERALLY! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Kate...yuck! You feel like you want to chop your head off....I remember the first time I got a migraine...I didn't know it was that...I just wanted to melt away into oblivion to relieve the pain. I'm so thankful it FINALLY went away!

Lifting you up to our Comforter, Sustainer, Healer, Redeemer, Provider...

Love, Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Praying for you!
April Curtis

Anonymous said...

Katie Loo-

Praying for you! I hope your having a headache free day, I'm also glad chemo is over for this month!