Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow snow & more snow

Last night it snowed. Carter went out late to measure the depth at 5.5 inches. This morning the total in depth was 7.5 maybe not .5 exactly but close to it. We had fun this afternoon sledding at a local church hill. I was hoping to see someone we knew. Today I brought the camera during our sledding time. Of course, the battery died at just the opportune time. I wanted to get a group pic of me and the boys. No deal. Carter was bummed as well for his "runs" with the snowboard were getting some "serious air" due to a great bump / ramp at the end. He hit them well without falling. You know I would so be on my duff. I was yesterday trying to avoid hitting Cole as we were in a race. ME on a normal sled as I totally do not get on the board. I am not as much as a risk taker as I used to be.

We spent a good hour in the morning & afternoon shoveling snow from the driveway. The afternoon hour was more productive - thanks to the sunshine.

Whoa Stuart!

Today, Stuart even went down by himself (normally it is with a brother). Although, he ran into a dad's ankle at the bottom. The red coat dad was not nice to Stuart as he said to some extent "Why don't you yell as you are coming down?" I so wanted to yell at him for his idiotic response to a four year old on a sled. Like a toddler can warn someone at the bottom. Grrr, mama bear here....Man why don't YOU move out of the way for the young sledders are coming down. Ding dong! I didn't say anything (bit my tongue) but gently to Stu "Sweetie lets watch it." He is so not aware of sledding etiquette. Give the four year old some slack. I so wanted to....Cannnot share on here. Thanks for lettting me get it off my chest. Enough about sledding.. All in all we had a blast! Yesterday AND today.
With wind burned faces..

C-train a chuggin' down!

Yo, Carter you got it!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I wish I was there!

Love ya,
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fun, Kate! And as far as the crabby red-coated Dad...hope he got a bruise. Oooopss....did I SAY that in PUBLIC! Yep, I THINK I DID! 4-year olds TOTALLY need slack on the etiquette front! Mama bear...this Mama bear agrees! Hugs 2 U! Have a great weekend! Feels like Florida out there today w/ the temp, huh...well, OK...just kinda. L Jo

Finally a Family of Four said...

Cool pics -- the boys look so big and handsome.
Did you go sledding at Twin Oaks or Paul Schroeder park???
I am soo suprised that you didn't say anything to that ignorant man, people can be so stupid sometimes.