Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day 2009

3 Too Cool boys
(of course, Carter is the one who thinks he is cool in the pic. He is at a stage where he thinks it is fun to make a cool look. - NOT)

Everyone LOVES a good snow day! Dave and I have reminisced with the boys on cold evenings about our younger days. Dave in a Indiana blizzard when he was in kindergarten coming home on the back of a pickup. It was a white out kind of day. Me, with my older brother, Andrew building a igloo on our brick patio. Eating inside the igloo was a highlight for me! Other great stories as well.

My only hesitation with snow days is the sleet. One year I almost slid into a gas pump. Yep, Yikes! I see now why they have the poles near the pumps. It is because of young chics like me who cannot drive on ice. Of course, who can or should for that matter? I went to my grandparents home nearby to calm down. Grandma with loads of lovin' food was a delight to my heart and calmed my fears of seeing a explosion before my eyes. Yes, probably unlikely but my young heart and lack of knowledge(immaturity) thought it would have been possible.

Cole & Stuart have enjoyed today by using Tonka construction vehicles (diggers, backhoes, dumptrucks, etc) in the snow. Cole even put a heart in the snow with a warming message to me. He is my tender one.

Cool Carter went sledding near our neighbors home.

Here's to boys, snow, hot cocoa, marshmellows and NO school....


Anonymous said...

I agree! Here's to no school and a snow day w/ the boys...LOVED the picture of the kids, Kate! Loved, also, that you got a sweetheart message in the snow from your tender-hearted Cole. You're raisin' them right, girl! Teach them how to treat girlfriends and wives someday, huh?....like when they're 80...not ready to "let go" yet... Cherished the moments today, too. Thinking of you! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Kate- How fun to have a snow day! Is today one too? I loved when the kids were home from school- all the excitement of playing in the cold weather and sledding! It is warming up here in Italia- our snow is finally melting- 18 inches is a lot to melt! I think I am looking forward to spring. Praying for you often....I miss you and love hearing how you are doing- stay strong in the Lord- He is your helper.Psalm 148 Love in Christ- Jen (Italia)

Anonymous said...

Kate -

Love the photo! I agree the snow days have been fun. I just have to say that you are incredible and amazing. I thought I was doing well just remembering to take some "snow" photos and here you already have a posting with a pic! You are an inspiration to me on many levels.

Love, Kim B.