Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What a Treat!

The boys so enjoyed their evening of trick or treating. It was Stuart's first time. He was so amazed that you can just go up to a neighbors home and say "trit or treat" for candy. Dave and I decided he only needed to do about 5 houses in our cul de sac while the older ones raided many more. It is always a delight to see the kids after they have come home with their loot. They each dump out their candy and salivate over the sugar wide eyed in amazement. No training was needed even for Stuart. He would go upstairs to his room then locate to Carter's room and back downstairs dumping and filling his pumpkin container for the twentieth time or so. It was comical. Every year Carter and Cole divide their candy then trade. The hottest item this year was the gummy worm that looked real. Cole traded but decided he wanted to relinquish finding out that Carter was going to take it to school to gross out the girls acting like it was a real worm that he was going to digest. Cole wants to gross out the girls as well. It was decided that the worm will be cut in half. School is half day tomorrow so it will have to wait till next week. Oh the life of boys.

Did I ever tell you about the fake snake we had? It would appear in the most lovely places (panty and pajama drawers, pillowcases, in a jacket, etc). Hmmmmm it would always be in my stuff not Dave's. I hid the snake for good reason. I am not sure where it went. Great grandma Johnson had given the snake to Carter prior to her death. She had found it. I tell you it was very real looking. Kinda creepy. I might surprise one of the boys sometime soon with a new snake. Most likely with Carter as he is the jokester of the home. Gotta search for it at a store.

Here's to good memories.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No more confusion

Karen, nurse of Dr. Needles called at 8:40 to inform me that the doctor has it covered in regards to having the November 13 scan compared with all previous scans up to April. Whew!

Disc is in with confusion

A call from the nurse yesterday reported that Dr. Needles has my April scan. I am thankful for that information yet the nurse did not answer the other question I had. How can we be sure that the November scan will be compared with the April scan? I missed her call yesterday at 1:50 pm due to me taking a 40 minute rest. She just mentioned on my answering machine that Dr. Needles looked over the scan and will discuss it with me at my appointment. OK, whatever that means. That scan is over and done with. I don't need an explanation of that scan. I left another message yesterday at 2:20pm. Please pray that everything gets smoothed out soon. I am tired of playing phone tag. I have enough "to do's" on my list.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cousin Weekend Fun!

Front porch smiles
(Uncle Matt was doing funny things behind the photographer)

Silly faces with cousins

This weekend we had plenty of cousin fun! Saturday was filled with soccer and baseball. Cole's team tied 1 -1 for the very first time during this soccer season. Oh what excitement! They have lost every game thus far till this past Saturday. The opposing team scored their point in the last 2 minutes of the game. We were very pleased with how Cole played. He never gives up. Gotta love his attitude.

Carter had his soccer game in the afternoon. They played their best but unfortunately lost. We are hopeful for a win next week. They have yet to win a game. Carter is very competitive so it is difficult to lose. He also had a fall ball game in the evening. He pitched the first two innings and did well. The baseball team lost as well. It is good practice for Carter to pitch as he will be doing starting this coming season.

After Carter's fall ball game everyone went out to Culvers for some great eats. Our boys devoured the butter burgers and cheese fries. Then they delighted in the frozen custard. Stuart enjoyed Aunt Pattie's leftover pumpkin spice shake. As most of you know I do not do much sugar so I did not have custard. I am looking forward to having sweet potato or pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. Yummy! Gotta make choices on what sugar I will be having in the next month and plan accordingly.

As for my MRI update - there is none but to say I will call tomorrow to let Dr. Needles know I haven't had the mysterious left sided ache since last Sunday morning. We will see what will be decided. I do want to know if my April scan from Siteman is back at St. Johns. Please pray accordingly.

Stuart has been testing Dave & I lately. He is going through the lovely terrible two's closer to three. I remember somewhat the older boys doing this as well but not to the degree that Stuart is doing. Please pray that this is short lived, for my patience and to be consistent in the training. Thankfully Stuart has his great moments as well. Tonight while watching the first part of the World Series game he came up to Dave saying "I play ball". He loves baseball. He is a joy to behold when he doesn't test to the extreme. At bedtime he just wanted to thank God for the zoo with Liliana (mind you that was about a month ago), Lexi & Jaelyn his cousins, baseball and puppy. He has his priorities in line. I love to hear him pray.
Enjoy what the Lord has given us with the fall colors this week. It is true Midwest beauty.

God's glorious fall creation!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Haven't Heard

I haven't heard from the nurse as to if my April scan from Wash U / Siteman has been archived at St. John's. Still waiting.

Good news. I haven't had the left side pain since Sunday morning. I called Dr. Needles office on Monday morning thinking I would be having more "aches". They have yet to surface again. I am leaning that there is some sort of healing going on on that side as well. It is strange when I press on a certain location on the right side of my forehead I can feel it as well on the top of my head a little further back. I am just amazed how God intricately makes our bodies. The brain expecially is intriguing. I will wait to see what Dr. Needles says about no aches since Sunday morning. Keep you posted.

Tomorrow we are having our family picture taken for the holidays. I can't wait as the Snodgrass men are all wearing red fairisle sweaters with vanilla turtlenecks. They will look as if they came off the ski slopes. I am just going to wear a vanilla sweater that I have had for some time. All will be wearing jeans.

We are looking forward to Dave's sister, Pattie and her family coming down for the weekend from Indiana. They arrive late on Friday. Can't wait to spend time with my two neices. I love them so. Carter, Cole and Stuart are gearing up for the weekend visitors as well.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Scan to be Sooner?

I am most likely going to have an MRI sooner than Tuesday, November 13. I have had some intermittent aches on the LEFT side (totally not the side of the tumor and not in the line of the RT last winter). They have been here for a few days. The aches are not like the ones I had last year prior to the brain cancer diagnosis. That was intense pain! I told the nurse that I didn't think these aches would merit a scan sooner than the November one. She said Dr. Needles cannot explain a pain without some sort of picture. That's a fair response. I just wanted to know if nerves could be affected in this area as well? Better be safe than sorry as I am not the doctor. For the record I haven't noticed one today. Maybe it is sleep related?

I am waiting to hear from the nurse as to if St. John's was able to retrieve the April MRI from Siteman / Wash U. Dr. Needles wanted some more scans to be able to compare the "questionably minimally increased white matter" from the September scan. After hearing from her I will make my appointment. My next MRI will most likely be on a Thursday.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sharing God's Story

It has been my desire for some time to share what God has been doing in my life since cancer came to reside in my body. Yesterday by phone both Bible studies informed me that they would like for me to share on November 6th and 7th. I truly am wanting not to cry and be able to share humbly from my heart. Crying is not a bad thing mind you. It is just something I desire not to do for I want my words to be clear and concise. Please pray over the hearts of every lady that will hear. Wednesday the 7th will be a large group. It is so God that it will be exactly one year to date from brain surgery when I am to give my life story. I feel privileged and honored.

Love to you all - kate

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heaven for Kids

Carter and I had the privilege of visiting eight year old Aven last night at his home in Franklin County (about 45 minutes from our home). I felt convicted to give him the book by Randy Alcorn Heaven for Kids. I am doing the adult study and it is great to see all that is in store for people who have a personal relationship with the living God. Amazing! I am so encouraged by all the scripture that backs up each chapter.

Carter and I discussed on the way out there that we were nervous. After praying we felt at ease. Cole unfortunately could not attend due to having allergy induced pneumonia. My heart aches when his breathing is labored. Thankfully he is slowly feeling better.

Please pray that the book will be a blessing and encouragement to the Everett family. My desire is for anyone visiting their home will be challenged to think about their eternal destination. Will you pray the same?

Carter talked all the way home, at bedtime and even throughout the day today about how he feels bad for Aven as cancer therapies have caused him to not walk, hardly hear nor speak well. His cognitive thinking skills have been affected along with his liver. I am glad Carter chose to go to his home over watching the Purdue vs. Ohio State football game. He didn't miss much anyway. Purdue was trounced upon. Oh well it is only football. Well OK football does have it's place. Especially in a home filled with testosterone like mine.

As for me I am gladly meeting my goal of completing each weekly Bible study. Dinner on the table still is a struggle from time to time. That is normal for any mom with young kids I am sure. I have found it to be helpful to sit down and plan out my meals for the week on Sunday. Not rocket science but sometimes hard to sit down with household activities abounding. I do continue to take a nap every other day during the week which helps alot. Dave has been so gracious (to no surprise) to allow me to take my naps during the weekend then study. He has been overseeing the care of Stuart if he wakes up earlier than expected. I am grateful to have such a great helpmate. Oh - hair is still coming out in the shower but I HAVE hair. Short and curly but thankful for it! I think I have decided to just let it all grow longer. Like it used to be.

Tuesday, November 13 @ 1:15 pm - MRI
Thursday, November 15 @ 9:30 am - Dr. Needles with results

I almost totally forgot . . . I have been convicted for some time wanting to give God's story on how He continue to work in my life. So with obedience in my heart I gave my written testimony to both Bible studies last week . Please pray that I will have courage when the time comes to relay the message to all ladies that attend. Pray that they see Jesus and not a gal with brain cancer.

I will try to update you on Stuart soon. He is growing so quickly with some fun quotes to boot. He turns the big 3 on November 20 and won't let anyone forget. For example tonight while watching the Green Bay Packer game Stuart comes up to Dave and gives him a great big neck hug and states very quickly "My burth day party is coming up!". Sounds like his mother only except she doesn't tell the age as quickly as he has been only the fun day. Gotta love a party with friends and family! I guess I will have to have a playdate birthday party for him. I normally at this age didn't do kid parties only family parties. I guess being the third kid he knows what parties are all about.

Thanks for checking in. We continue to appreciate your prayers for us and others who are going through a trial.

O LORD, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things,
things planned long ago.
Isaiah 25:1

God is good - kate