Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Haven't Heard

I haven't heard from the nurse as to if my April scan from Wash U / Siteman has been archived at St. John's. Still waiting.

Good news. I haven't had the left side pain since Sunday morning. I called Dr. Needles office on Monday morning thinking I would be having more "aches". They have yet to surface again. I am leaning that there is some sort of healing going on on that side as well. It is strange when I press on a certain location on the right side of my forehead I can feel it as well on the top of my head a little further back. I am just amazed how God intricately makes our bodies. The brain expecially is intriguing. I will wait to see what Dr. Needles says about no aches since Sunday morning. Keep you posted.

Tomorrow we are having our family picture taken for the holidays. I can't wait as the Snodgrass men are all wearing red fairisle sweaters with vanilla turtlenecks. They will look as if they came off the ski slopes. I am just going to wear a vanilla sweater that I have had for some time. All will be wearing jeans.

We are looking forward to Dave's sister, Pattie and her family coming down for the weekend from Indiana. They arrive late on Friday. Can't wait to spend time with my two neices. I love them so. Carter, Cole and Stuart are gearing up for the weekend visitors as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I am able to leave a message on your blog tonight on my first try...must be my lucky night!

Have a wonderful weekend with Dave's family. Hooray for no aches!!


Laura Joback said...

Hey, girl...I had already noted on my calendar that the 7th of November was your 1 yr anniversary of your surgery...kind of wierd to think back that far about all you've been through...the clementine caper, your in-hospital hand massage and pedicure/manicure, your attentive public, your loving husband typing away on his Blackberry till his eyes crossed...My mind was flooded w/ memories as I looked at that day on my calendar where I had penciled in your name. We love you! Praying for you this week! The Jobacks (PS: my hands are REALLY soft today thanks to you and your spa-riffic stuff!)

Heather said...

Hey Kate,
I just caught up with your blog. I am sorry to hear about the left side pain, but I am glad it isn't bothering you now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. We love spending time with friends and family.
Prayers and love,