Saturday, September 29, 2007

Prayer for Aven

I mentioned a young boy named Aven Everett in two posts previously. This is an update on him. They have most likely found a reoccurence of cancer in his spine. Please pray that his parents Chris and Heather have wisdom regarding his care. Endurance I am sure is needed as well.

This is the post his mother just posted today at his website To visit his specific page just type his name "aven" in all lowercase letters.:

"My heart is breaking today as we have finally recieved word from our oncologist. We have been told that they are 99% sure that it is in fact a tumor reccurence. We will no longer be putting Aven through the surgery on Wednesday. The surgery should only be done if we plan to give him a stem cell transplant due to the risks. We have decided not to put him through the transplant as the risks far out weigh the benefits. He only has a 25% chance of cure with the transplant and the chemo itself could take this life sooner than cancer. We are looking into Gamma Knife which is a radiation type surgery. It would be on an outpatient basis and Aven would have no suffering. After this we will look into some oral chemo drugs in which could reduce or maintain growth of tumors. We will pray for a miracle. Aven is truely a special child and I know God has a plan for him. I want to ask everyone who knows Aven to please post your favorite memories of him on the guestbook. Aven loves to hear these types of stories and he needs to be lifted up right now. I want to tell all of you about my proudest moment. I was at Karate with Aven when he was about 4 years old when a women approached me. She asked me if I was Aven's mother and I told her that I was indeed. She proceeded to tell me that our boys were in preschool together. She then told me that Aven was such a good boy. I thanked her and she insisted again how Aven was such a good boy. She then told me this story that I had not heard. She told me her son came home in tears one day because he learned how Jesus died on the cross. He was very upset that nails were put in his hands and feet. The mother then went to the school to find out what her son had learned that day. The teacher politely told the woman that she had not taught her son that but she would show her who did. At that moment she turned and pointed to Aven. This story truely inspired me. Love to all."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Pardon the pause . . .

Lately I have been pondering whether or not I need to focus less of my time on the computer and more of my time on family and bible study. It wasn't rocket science for me to figure out that I need to do just that. Taking naps every other day is difficult enough to accomplish things. I am going to take a blog pause to spend more time on my family. I have been lacking in the cooking and cleaning arena. I am also going to spend more of my "free time" with Jesus.

I will intermittently give reports on my cancer, what God has been showing me and our family fun memories. Let me tell you that I am just devouring the Heaven book along with 1 Kings. OOOOhhhh, are they good or what?

If I say that God and family are a priority I need to live accordingly.
Hoping you'll understand. . . kate

Next MRI - Tuesday, November 13
Doctor Report - Thursday, November 15

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Games, games and more games

Today was a chilly St. Louis fall day. A cold front came through a day ago. I am needing to get all my fall decorations out. I love this time of the year. Here's to yummy smelling candles and pumpkins.

Cole had his first soccer game at 8 am. Most onlookers had their blankets wrapped around them. Stuart wore a hat with gloves for the first time this season. As you can see Cole wore red gloves to keep his hands warm but refused to wear his long sleeve shirt. He makes a great goalie - stopping that ball is what he does best. He also can run - Whew can those legs go fast!? They lost their game but Cole was more interested in wanting to know if Mom remembered the team chant. I did get some of it right but not all. He has a great coach who is also a pastor at one of the area churches. Coach Smith makes it fun to be on his team. Go Pelicans!

Carter had a soccer game as well and his first fall ball game. He pitched for the very first time in his life. I was very proud. He pitched the first two innings and did great! He learned what commiting a balk was along with his mother. To think I knew baseball. Not! The Marlins did not win their game but it was a great learning experience. Carter wasn't too hard on himself. He was just frustrated to know that if a catcher drops the ball after the third strike the batter can run to first base. He also realized that he needs to run to home plate if a ball is dropped as a runner could score from third. Each game he will get better at the details of being a pitcher.

I forgot to mention in my previous post of my Friday visit with the boy with brain cancer. I am sorry I laid in bed that night thinking about it. Ok here is what I found out. His name is Aven Everett and he has had two surgeries since last October due to medulloblastoma stage 4 cancer that was located in the spine and brain. Thankfully those two sites no longer show cancer growth. Unfortunately he had a scan on September 11 and there is something there. It is my understanding that they are going to have a PET scan in the next few days to figure out if it is blood or cancer. Aven cannot walk at this time. His hearing is impaired. They were leaving Friday after his IV was completed to go to a ear specialist. He is also being fed through IV due to being on the verge of starvation. The conversation was only about twenty minutes. If what shows up on his PET scan shows no signs of cancer he will stay home. If not he will face surgery and another year of chemo. He has a web page that you can follow To visit his specific page just type his name "aven" in all lowercase letters. Click on his story and read the journal postings.

Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Questionable Wording

First and foremost, there is no tumor regrowth. It seems that the wording on my Tuesday scan was questionable. There could possibly be slight changes in post-operative and post-radiation healing (scar tissue, etc.). "Questionable minor white matter signal change compared with the June study. No new abnormal enhancements or other interval change."

I am going to have another MRI scan in two months instead of three due to the radiologist stating in the report of the T2 hyperintensity that was seen as well in my June scan being "questionably minimally increased". Dr. Needles wants to be absolutely sure. That is why I am to go in mid-November for another scan. He was also not happy to see that my April MRI scan from Siteman wasn't archived at St. John's. He is asking for it to be resent to St. John's for extended future comparison.

Was I discouraged? Yes, mostly because I don't want to go in two months due to the fact that I am the calendar schedule queen and it threw me off. My time is no longer my time. I was all set in my mind that the next one will be around December 11. My discouragement is short lived. No growth is all I need to hear. Thankful that my oncologist wants to be proactive with my health. It is appreciated. Dr. Needles said if the November scan doesn't show any increase we will return to the every three month schedule.

I hope this made some sense. I am still trying to understand it all. What I do know is . .

1. God is in control - not me and my calendar plans.
2. Tumor growth is not seen. Good News!
3. MRI scans are not an exact science.

Good to be reminded that I don't run my life.
Being refined again and again and again -
Your humbled friend . . . kate

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doctors Appointment & a Visit

11:45 tomorrow is my doctor's appointment with the results from the MRI. I am so thankful that I am not anxious I actually forgot that the appointment was tomorrow for I had already thought I could go to the zoo with a friend. I think I am experiencing the "peace that passes all understanding". My hope is that it continues into the day tomorrow.

I plan on taking some time earlier in the day to visit a young mom whose eight year old son has been in and out of the hospital battling brain cancer since last October. Please pray for my visit. I want to be a blessing. It won't be easy seeing this boy. From what I know the mom is at the hospital 24/7. I understand she is weary.

Update on my hair: I haven't given one in quite a while. The regrowth is coming in curly and full. Dave and I are in discussion whether or not I should let all the hair grow longer or keep it short till the regrowth catches up.

I'll keep you posted on the MRI results.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scripture Promises

Dearest Kate, priceless daughter, cherished gem of my heart,
Because you are my daughter, I sent my Spirit into your heart. . .
you are no longer a slave, but a daughter, and also an heir.
Galatians 4:6,7

You are able to hold your head high, Kate,
no matter what happens and know that all is well,
for you know how dearly I love you
and you can feel this warm love everywhere within you
because I have given you the Holy Spirit
to fill your heart with my love.
Romans 5:5

The following verses are two of many cards that a person gave me in January. Each scripture promise that is represented is personalized with my name. I find each one to be very meaningful. These cards are for people going through a rough time in their life. I have heard that the woman who produces these cards prays for each order that she receives.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September MRI

Today started out with our ten year old dryer shutting down completely. We even switched the circuit breaker thinking that would help. That brought me some laughs. I thought "Hey, this is nothing compared to last fall." Bill's Appliance came by while Aunt Dee Dee stayed with Stuart. That is a long story in itself. Let's just say that she is such a great blessing to me. So unselfish! Love her! OK back to the dryer fiasco. In appliance terms: It ended up that the thermal fuse just needed to be replaced and the filter duct cleaned out. Whatever the case - Many thanks to Bill's Appliance of Ellisville. They covered the cost of the repair and service call. My mom used to be employed there some time ago.

The MRI went smoothly. I actually was quite relaxed listening to an Aaron Shust CD. Thanks for praying. I know that people were praying as it seemed the scan went faster than usual. I'll let you know on Friday the results.

Also I did find my CD that was lost. It was in my van where I had already looked. Go figure. Blame it on the tumor bed. Just thankful I found it as I was a little miffed last night. I am one not known to misplace things.

Here's to dryer blessings along with a peaceful scan.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Update on grandpa & MRI

Grandpa's surgery went well and he is at home resting. The only complication is that one of his legs is not operating. He cannot move it. It is thought by my Mom and Uncle Charlie that it could be one of two things - 1. the anesthesia or 2. a mild stroke during the procedure. We are praying for #1 of course. I would think the surgeon would have picked up on a stroke. Grandpa has a pace maker.

Mom decided it would not be wise for her to leave grandpa at this time tomorrow to stay in our house to be with Stuart during nap time. I agreed. Thanks to Kristie for being willing to watch him. Pray that Stuart will sleep for her. It makes for a long evening and next day for a napless toddler.

Thank you for being with me at this time. I really am ready to have the MRI done for the month of September. I didn't want to reschedule. I am only disappointed that I cannot find a certain CD for the scan. It is one of my favorites that I used during radiation. I had it not long ago and it is no where to be found in the van or home. I did find out that iPod's and MP3 players are not allowed in the scan due to the magnetic fields. The batteries would be ruined and the songs erased. So there goes my great idea of a plethora of songs. I am looking into having a friend putting all my favorite praise songs on a few CD's. I started my favorite list this afternoon.

Dave is at a meeting tonight and I was privileged to put all the boys to bed tonight. Carter asked me at bedtime tonight if at the time of my surgery last November if I ever asked "Why me?" I was open with him and said "absolutely". I then shared that I have come around to saying "Why not me?" It opened up to a good conversation. He is thinking more deeply. Cole asked about why we would go on a special trip if my cancer came back. I responded with "We want to have special family memories with mom in them". I didn't further that conversation. He is sensitive. He already knows that cancer could take my life. I didn't want to remind him this late at night.

Love on your kids if you have any. Have a good evening!

Chat with you possibly late afternoon tomorrow.


Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue

but with actions and in truth.

1 John 3:18

Check out the following story -

Humbled today . . . kate

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chinese Fire Drill & Party

Yesterday the family celebrated grandpa's 88th birthday at Uncle Charlie's farm. Carter, Cole and I drove to join in the dinner celebration. We intentionally left earlier (3:15) so the boys could play with distant cousins. The drive is usually about an hour long. As we approached Eureka off I-44 the fun began. Traffic was backed up. We inched our way for a little while then it totally stopped. After about 20 minutes of no movement I approached the boys with a proposition. I asked if they were up to a chinese fire drill. Carter without hesitation said "Yes!" Cautious Cole clearly stated "No!" So Carter and I did the chinese fire drill. It was so much fun! Now, I can say I have done a drill in the fast lane of I-44. Good thing too because the rain started not long after the fun. Traffic finally let up after about 45 minutes. It was said that the interstate was shut down due to an overturned tractor trailer. We never saw the semi truck. It looked as if it went through some guard rails down into a deep ravine. Haz mat along with other emergency vehicles were at the scene.

We arrived at the dinner celebration right on time at 5 pm. Lots of laughter and memories were made. Grandpa seemed to enjoy himself. He received many cards with a big jar of mixed nuts and a hat. He had a good day.

My grandpa is so special to me. I think I wrote in the blog about the many "poppers" (kisses) he gave me while growing up. I also loved spending time with him while he cut down firewood. I would try to show him how strong I was lifting the huge stumps for him to split. He will attest that they were very large to this day. I love him so. He has surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning. It is always a higher risk having an eldery patient with surgery. Please pray that it goes smoothly without complications. Pray for the surgeon hands. Please pray also for grandpa's recovery. It will be at least a month before he feels better. Mom will be tending to his needs.

Thanks to all of you for praying in advance for my MRI on Tuesday at 1:15 pm.

Here's to fun chinese fire drills and a great grandpa!

Friday, September 07, 2007

To encourage others

Encourage one another and build each other up.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Doctor update

Good Morning!
Happy 88th Birthday Grandpa !

I took the time last night and started reading the first two chapters of I Kings. I am excited to see what is in store for me at CBS in the next year. What a soap opera with Adonijah, King David and Solomon. What trickery Adonijah was doing. He was so sly. I guess I have read some of this before now - WOW it is really alive now. I have also started to read the book More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell. It is a significant part of my husband, Dave's testimony. I want to be able to share in knowing what it says. I regret not reading it before now in our 11 years of marriage. (FYI - The blog doesn't allow me to underline for titles of books.)

I was laying in bed last night remembering that I have failed to update ya'll in regards to my new doctors appointment when I will receive the results from my Tuesday MRI. It looks as if my appointment will be on Friday the 14th at 11:45 am. Dr. Needles was out of town till then.

I will have my MRI this coming Tuesday the 11th around 1:15.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cannnot Resist

Daddy and Stuart
A very normal Carter

Great picture Cole
Here I come, Carter!

I couldn't resist showing you the pictures from Labor Day Monday. I love each one in a unique way. It really shows their personality. Stuart continues to ask when we can go to the pool. He doesn't understand the idea of not being able to go when it is still so hot outside. I have to concur with him on that one. So who made the rule about Missouri pools closing on Labor Day weekend? It is hot into a good portion of September. Am I right?
An update on my doctors appointment that was to happen two days after my MRI. I just received a postcard stating that Dr. Needles needs to cancel my appointment on the 13th and to reschedule. I am desiring it is just for a later time that day. I prefer not to wait till Friday if I don't have to for finding out the results. It isn't agony but I would rather know sooner than later.
Yes for those of YOU who are wondering . . . the lady fish (some call her the UFO) is still swimming high and mighty in the tank. The baby fish made a surprise visit the other day. I have yet to see it again. It likes to live under the decorative rocks.
Thanks for journeying with me. I delight in knowing others care.

To serve

"But even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,
and to give his life as a ransom for many."
Mark 10:45

Monday, September 03, 2007

3 Men and a Lady

A great set of men coming into the world.
Pray as Dave and I train them.

Ending with a Splash!

Summer has ended!

Today was a fun filled day at the pool and beyond. As a family we enjoyed a picnic lunch at the pool. Carter was privileged to push me into the pool. He has been dying to do that all summer long. Once home for Stuart's nap the older men of the family went to the driving range. Tales from the range are yet to come.

I have less than two weeks till my next MRI. Pray for peace during the scan. They allow one personal CD during the procedure. I desire to have a MP3 player or an iPOD for the December MRI. It would help the time go by with a plethora of songs. My sister, Jean (aka: Dee Dee to the bloggers) has what she coins her generiPOD from Wal-Mart. It doesn't hold as many songs as the real deal and is less expensive. My birthday is the middle of October so . . . hint hint Dave.

Continue to pray for my growth in knowing Christ more fully this fall. My desire is to be obedient. I continue to say the joy of the Lord is my strength.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mission trip and Joe update

Our church recently sent a group filled with families to Mississippi to help with the Katrina victims. St. Louis Post Dispatch did a documentary on the trip. May you be blessed.

Also an update on Joe from Kay:

"Uncle Joe is home again. He finished his radiation treatments yesterday (8/29) and has already had a much better week with much less dizziness. He continues to lose weight and that is starting to bother him. We are going to make an effort to fix some high caloric, nutritious meals and may have to supplement them with a liquid supplement. He is also going to start getting more exercise. He was not able to get out and walk much in the city. The weather is starting to cool off so that is a plus as well. Thanks to everyone for their prayers."