Thursday, September 13, 2007

Doctors Appointment & a Visit

11:45 tomorrow is my doctor's appointment with the results from the MRI. I am so thankful that I am not anxious I actually forgot that the appointment was tomorrow for I had already thought I could go to the zoo with a friend. I think I am experiencing the "peace that passes all understanding". My hope is that it continues into the day tomorrow.

I plan on taking some time earlier in the day to visit a young mom whose eight year old son has been in and out of the hospital battling brain cancer since last October. Please pray for my visit. I want to be a blessing. It won't be easy seeing this boy. From what I know the mom is at the hospital 24/7. I understand she is weary.

Update on my hair: I haven't given one in quite a while. The regrowth is coming in curly and full. Dave and I are in discussion whether or not I should let all the hair grow longer or keep it short till the regrowth catches up.

I'll keep you posted on the MRI results.


danielle said...

thanks for the comment on our blog. you are too funny! i was praying for you last night (with eva) before putting her to bed that your appointment would go well today. still thinking of you, even in the far away land of aiken, sc!

Anonymous said...

Dave and Kate,
We continue to lift you up in prayer. Praying for an encouraging doctor's visit today.
Barth and Catherine

Matt and Amy said...

Hey Kate,

I've been thinking of you often and praying for your MRI and dr. appointment. So glad to hear of your peace beyond understanding! The beautiful weather around here must be helping that peace! :o)

Amy (the young momma who said "I know you!" at the pediatrician's office when Stuart was sick)