Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cannnot Resist

Daddy and Stuart
A very normal Carter

Great picture Cole
Here I come, Carter!

I couldn't resist showing you the pictures from Labor Day Monday. I love each one in a unique way. It really shows their personality. Stuart continues to ask when we can go to the pool. He doesn't understand the idea of not being able to go when it is still so hot outside. I have to concur with him on that one. So who made the rule about Missouri pools closing on Labor Day weekend? It is hot into a good portion of September. Am I right?
An update on my doctors appointment that was to happen two days after my MRI. I just received a postcard stating that Dr. Needles needs to cancel my appointment on the 13th and to reschedule. I am desiring it is just for a later time that day. I prefer not to wait till Friday if I don't have to for finding out the results. It isn't agony but I would rather know sooner than later.
Yes for those of YOU who are wondering . . . the lady fish (some call her the UFO) is still swimming high and mighty in the tank. The baby fish made a surprise visit the other day. I have yet to see it again. It likes to live under the decorative rocks.
Thanks for journeying with me. I delight in knowing others care.

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