Saturday, September 29, 2007

Prayer for Aven

I mentioned a young boy named Aven Everett in two posts previously. This is an update on him. They have most likely found a reoccurence of cancer in his spine. Please pray that his parents Chris and Heather have wisdom regarding his care. Endurance I am sure is needed as well.

This is the post his mother just posted today at his website To visit his specific page just type his name "aven" in all lowercase letters.:

"My heart is breaking today as we have finally recieved word from our oncologist. We have been told that they are 99% sure that it is in fact a tumor reccurence. We will no longer be putting Aven through the surgery on Wednesday. The surgery should only be done if we plan to give him a stem cell transplant due to the risks. We have decided not to put him through the transplant as the risks far out weigh the benefits. He only has a 25% chance of cure with the transplant and the chemo itself could take this life sooner than cancer. We are looking into Gamma Knife which is a radiation type surgery. It would be on an outpatient basis and Aven would have no suffering. After this we will look into some oral chemo drugs in which could reduce or maintain growth of tumors. We will pray for a miracle. Aven is truely a special child and I know God has a plan for him. I want to ask everyone who knows Aven to please post your favorite memories of him on the guestbook. Aven loves to hear these types of stories and he needs to be lifted up right now. I want to tell all of you about my proudest moment. I was at Karate with Aven when he was about 4 years old when a women approached me. She asked me if I was Aven's mother and I told her that I was indeed. She proceeded to tell me that our boys were in preschool together. She then told me that Aven was such a good boy. I thanked her and she insisted again how Aven was such a good boy. She then told me this story that I had not heard. She told me her son came home in tears one day because he learned how Jesus died on the cross. He was very upset that nails were put in his hands and feet. The mother then went to the school to find out what her son had learned that day. The teacher politely told the woman that she had not taught her son that but she would show her who did. At that moment she turned and pointed to Aven. This story truely inspired me. Love to all."

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Ramona Lisa said...

Praying for Aven, his family, you and a cure for cancer!

Love you, Ramona