Friday, September 07, 2007

Doctor update

Good Morning!
Happy 88th Birthday Grandpa !

I took the time last night and started reading the first two chapters of I Kings. I am excited to see what is in store for me at CBS in the next year. What a soap opera with Adonijah, King David and Solomon. What trickery Adonijah was doing. He was so sly. I guess I have read some of this before now - WOW it is really alive now. I have also started to read the book More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell. It is a significant part of my husband, Dave's testimony. I want to be able to share in knowing what it says. I regret not reading it before now in our 11 years of marriage. (FYI - The blog doesn't allow me to underline for titles of books.)

I was laying in bed last night remembering that I have failed to update ya'll in regards to my new doctors appointment when I will receive the results from my Tuesday MRI. It looks as if my appointment will be on Friday the 14th at 11:45 am. Dr. Needles was out of town till then.

I will have my MRI this coming Tuesday the 11th around 1:15.


Ramona Lisa said...

More Than a Carpenter was pivotal in my spiritual journey, as well. Powerful book!

Praying for a healthy MRI!

Jenn Fromke said...

If you'll be studying the life of David, you might enjoy reading "Certain Women" by Madelaine L'Engle (after McDowell's book, of course!). It's a modern day tale of a man like King David - the wives of the men are even paralleled. She's a Christian writer, and the books reflect that, but they are not theological, they seem to encourage people to search their thoughts - it's provocative and worthwhile, especially if you know the life of King David well. I love her books and this one is great.

Will pray for the MR this week -hope it goes well.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you this week as you have the MRI!
Diane D
friend of your moms from CTA