Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chinese Fire Drill & Party

Yesterday the family celebrated grandpa's 88th birthday at Uncle Charlie's farm. Carter, Cole and I drove to join in the dinner celebration. We intentionally left earlier (3:15) so the boys could play with distant cousins. The drive is usually about an hour long. As we approached Eureka off I-44 the fun began. Traffic was backed up. We inched our way for a little while then it totally stopped. After about 20 minutes of no movement I approached the boys with a proposition. I asked if they were up to a chinese fire drill. Carter without hesitation said "Yes!" Cautious Cole clearly stated "No!" So Carter and I did the chinese fire drill. It was so much fun! Now, I can say I have done a drill in the fast lane of I-44. Good thing too because the rain started not long after the fun. Traffic finally let up after about 45 minutes. It was said that the interstate was shut down due to an overturned tractor trailer. We never saw the semi truck. It looked as if it went through some guard rails down into a deep ravine. Haz mat along with other emergency vehicles were at the scene.

We arrived at the dinner celebration right on time at 5 pm. Lots of laughter and memories were made. Grandpa seemed to enjoy himself. He received many cards with a big jar of mixed nuts and a hat. He had a good day.

My grandpa is so special to me. I think I wrote in the blog about the many "poppers" (kisses) he gave me while growing up. I also loved spending time with him while he cut down firewood. I would try to show him how strong I was lifting the huge stumps for him to split. He will attest that they were very large to this day. I love him so. He has surgery tomorrow (Monday) morning. It is always a higher risk having an eldery patient with surgery. Please pray that it goes smoothly without complications. Pray for the surgeon hands. Please pray also for grandpa's recovery. It will be at least a month before he feels better. Mom will be tending to his needs.

Thanks to all of you for praying in advance for my MRI on Tuesday at 1:15 pm.

Here's to fun chinese fire drills and a great grandpa!


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Your story has me cracking up. Remember the night that we did a Chinese fire drill in my Lebaron convertible and I was driving? I forgot to put the car in park and it kept on going without any of us in it. I hate to admit it but I am still just as ditsy.
By the way, the birthday boy is looking FABULOUS!! He hasn't aged a bit since the last time I saw him. You must get all of his secrets and share with us.
I will be praying for all of your family this week.
Love, Gina

Anonymous said...

Yes Gina I do remember now that fire drill. I giggle now just thinking about it. I guess I am just as crazy as high school. Maybe I had a tumor then. Ha ha ha!

Oh how funny times were in high school!