Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September MRI

Today started out with our ten year old dryer shutting down completely. We even switched the circuit breaker thinking that would help. That brought me some laughs. I thought "Hey, this is nothing compared to last fall." Bill's Appliance came by while Aunt Dee Dee stayed with Stuart. That is a long story in itself. Let's just say that she is such a great blessing to me. So unselfish! Love her! OK back to the dryer fiasco. In appliance terms: It ended up that the thermal fuse just needed to be replaced and the filter duct cleaned out. Whatever the case - Many thanks to Bill's Appliance of Ellisville. They covered the cost of the repair and service call. My mom used to be employed there some time ago.

The MRI went smoothly. I actually was quite relaxed listening to an Aaron Shust CD. Thanks for praying. I know that people were praying as it seemed the scan went faster than usual. I'll let you know on Friday the results.

Also I did find my CD that was lost. It was in my van where I had already looked. Go figure. Blame it on the tumor bed. Just thankful I found it as I was a little miffed last night. I am one not known to misplace things.

Here's to dryer blessings along with a peaceful scan.


Anonymous said...

It was so good to see you at study today! I love to see your great smile! Em

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Glad to hear that the MRI went well. I will be praying for the results in anticipation of your Friday appt.

Enjoy this beautiful weather with your boys!


Soccer Gram said...

Nothing like good old Bill's Appliance in beautiful downtown Ballwin. I might add that when I worked there we had all repeat business. It's like a small town business in a big town. Bill S. tries too do a good honest business.
My favorite customer was a young bachelor who came in the day before Thanksgiving. He had told his parents he would fix Thanksgiving dinner. One problem however, he had not bothered to buy a range in the six months he had lived at his new apartment. It was afternoon and he dazily walked in not having a clue as to what his next move should be.
After assessing the situation I pointed out a middle of the line Whirlpool product. Next I asked him what he intended to fix for his mother. He said what do you think I should fix? From there I grabbed a pensil and paper and we worked out a menu for the following day complete with how to buy a fresh small turkey. I told him to buy boxed dressing and throw the box away so his mom couldn't see. Add some celery and onions and she would never know it wasn't homemade. Where to buy a good pumpkin pie late in the day and not to forget a good cranberry relish and where to get it.
He painstakingly wrote everything down and I promised the range would be delivered after he finished his grocery shopping.
The following week I arrived at work when Bill the owner pointed to my desk. There on the desk was lovely flowers and a large nice box of chocolate's. I asked where it came from and he said, remember the bachelor who you gave instructions to for Thanksgiving dinner. He said to tell you his mother asked him where he learned to cook?
Here's the deal everyone in the west county area. If you need a new range or the old one fixed for the holidays call Bill's Appliances now before the holidays.I know ther must be several of you out there who have a sizzled oven element and just don't bother to get it fixed. People love to put things off and would drive me crazy the week before Thanksgiving. Tell Mr. Bill Sandy sent you. They will know what you are talking about.
I't not too early. September is slipping by.
p.s. Great Grandpa is doing nicely after his operation. He should be good as new in a couple of weeks.
Gram thinking about her days as an appliance salesperson.I always liked selling appliances. They tend to be a no fu-fu item.
Gram over and out!