Friday, September 14, 2007

Questionable Wording

First and foremost, there is no tumor regrowth. It seems that the wording on my Tuesday scan was questionable. There could possibly be slight changes in post-operative and post-radiation healing (scar tissue, etc.). "Questionable minor white matter signal change compared with the June study. No new abnormal enhancements or other interval change."

I am going to have another MRI scan in two months instead of three due to the radiologist stating in the report of the T2 hyperintensity that was seen as well in my June scan being "questionably minimally increased". Dr. Needles wants to be absolutely sure. That is why I am to go in mid-November for another scan. He was also not happy to see that my April MRI scan from Siteman wasn't archived at St. John's. He is asking for it to be resent to St. John's for extended future comparison.

Was I discouraged? Yes, mostly because I don't want to go in two months due to the fact that I am the calendar schedule queen and it threw me off. My time is no longer my time. I was all set in my mind that the next one will be around December 11. My discouragement is short lived. No growth is all I need to hear. Thankful that my oncologist wants to be proactive with my health. It is appreciated. Dr. Needles said if the November scan doesn't show any increase we will return to the every three month schedule.

I hope this made some sense. I am still trying to understand it all. What I do know is . .

1. God is in control - not me and my calendar plans.
2. Tumor growth is not seen. Good News!
3. MRI scans are not an exact science.

Good to be reminded that I don't run my life.
Being refined again and again and again -
Your humbled friend . . . kate


Ramona Lisa said...

Your report makes sense, and I understand how you could be feeling a bit discouraged. Sometimes we need a little time to grieve change, especially planners who like to know what's on their calendars.

I am so glad you have a doctor who will do everything to ensure that he is ahead of your cancer. It sounds like you're only going back in two months as a precautionary step. That's good news; it's just different from what you were expecting. Give yourself some time to adjust.

No growth. That's answered prayer! Praise God for your health.

Love you, Ramona

Anonymous said...

I am encouraged that there is no new growth. I will praise God along with you that you are feeling well and there is no significant change. This Dr. Needles sounds very thorough. Although this wasn't the definitive "all clear" I am so thankful it was no worse.
MRIs are tricky beasts.
It is a prividge to be in Bible study with you this fall. I will continue to pray for you.
Elizabeth Ward

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Although, obviously, it is somewhat disappointing that there has been any change at all, I think the important thing to remember is that slight change doesn't have to be bad change. It could be simply a sign of healing taking place. And December is always so busy...November is much better for the MRI, because then you free yourself up until after the holiday seasaon!

Praying for your peace of mind and encouragement.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad to hear that there's no new growth. Also glad that your doctor is doing his job diligently! We WANT him to take excellent care of you.

And the Lord's care for you is very evident. His wisdom and love are beyond our understanding. We keep praying for you and your family.

Diane (& Jack & Joy & Joseph)

Especially Heather said...

I can understand your confusion, I would be confused too with that wording. I am the same exact way when it comes to planning, but if cancer has taught me anything, it is that I am not in control...

Lifting you up!