Monday, September 12, 2011

September 2011 MRI results

Clear is the word for my September MRI scan! I am to return in 6 months for another scan including blood work - March 2012. Speaking of blood work I did have some mishap on Friday regarding my calcium which had nothing to do with cancer (he clarified) but the oncologist was concerned enough for me to do another work up. It ended up being a typo. Thankfully, because he mentioned seeing an endocrinologist if it was still a low number. All in all March is on the horizon for my next step in this journey. I have been asked if there will be a time when they will consider me cancer free & my answer is I do not know. Not sure if they go by years like insurance companies. Really, I have gotten used to the idea of not knowing what comes next.

On the home front the boys are enjoying their sports. Stuart & Cole soccer. Cole asked to play baseball this fall as he took a break during the summer. He enjoys having Dad as his fall ball coach. Carter is on another fall ball team and ready to start 7th grade football (games have yet to begin). Best part of Carter playing middle school football is that practice is during the school day. Love this idea!

Enjoy your autumn days,

Monday, September 05, 2011

just wanted to let you know

I had no idea what to title this one as it has been on my heart to let others know that I am weak. Yes, that is a good thing to be reminded of as Christians. He is strong and I am not.

I have consulted with others regarding my concern with the upcoming MRI. The extreme loudness of the new scan was almost more than I could bear last time. A patient normally has ear plugs & ear phones covering their ears due to the noise. In February that was not the case. The new machine (which is supposed to be faster - not that I could tell) does not allow for the brain scan patient to have ear phones as the cage placed over the head does not fit the ear phones. Yes, making for a LOUD experience. I did tell my oncologist at the last appointment that if I don't die of cancer I will have hearing loss. A long story summarizing that I have asked for some meds to help calm me during the scan. That was a hard decision to make. Not sure if it was my pride in knowing I used to be able to pray & sleep /relax at times long ago. Anyway, just wanted all to know I am taking medication to help calm me for Wednesday.

Please pray for a clear scan. I see Dr. Needles Friday, September 9 with results.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

4 weeks till Sept MRI

Today is Wednesday, August 10 and it marks 4 weeks till my next MRI. The previous scan in February was extremely LOUD and bothersome (more than usual). Laying for 40 minutes was difficult then and I cannot imagine what it will be like September 7.

Not sure what the oncologist will suggest at my follow up appointment Friday, September 9.

chat later,


Friday, February 25, 2011

February happy dance!

MRI results are clear! No change. The oncologist was pleased as so was I. He did ask how was my memory lately. He is watching for radiation side effects to the brain - cognitive, concentration, etc. Dave & those around me will need to be watchful to see if they recognize these. The doctor said he is not too concerned just yet.

I will have my next MRI in 6 months (+ a few weeks). I scheduled it for September to ensure the boys will be in school.

Happy Dance Kate

Friday, January 21, 2011

February testing

My next tests...
MRI & Blood work - Wednesday, February 23

Oncologist follow up -Friday, February 25
If it is a clear report will I go another 6 months? I am unsure of what the doctor will say.