Friday, January 21, 2011

February testing

My next tests...
MRI & Blood work - Wednesday, February 23

Oncologist follow up -Friday, February 25
If it is a clear report will I go another 6 months? I am unsure of what the doctor will say.


Anonymous said...

You may be unsure of what the doctor will say ... but God is VERY sure. That knowing is a solace and a peace-giving thing ... but as a human and as a MOM / WIFE ... we like to be in the KNOW (or at least I do) ... so I see how you could ponder the "wonder what the doctor will say" question. :0) We are home in the PM of the ice-and-snow-storm-is-coming day. Wonder what tonight and tomorrow will bring. I wonder, but God knows, huh? Love you and praying for you. L Jo

Anonymous said...


Thanks for being faithful to keep us updated. It is natural to wonder and worry. I will continue to pray for your peace and that you will have a good report in a few weeks.

I'm ready for spring and baseball season.. how about you?


Anonymous said...

It's the 10th.
And I'm already praying about the 23rd.
Love you.
L Jo

Dustin Ver Beek said...

Hello Kate, My heart goes out to you. God is bigger than cancer, so have faith, even when it feels impossible. My wife too suffers from brain cancer. If you ever have time, check out her blog at:

Anonymous said...

Praying for you and your family tonight. L Jo

Anonymous said...

It's the 23rd.
I was praying!
I love you!
L Jo

Anonymous said...

My husband has been battling the exact type of tumor you have for almost ten years now. He has not had any reoccurence but does fight with radiation narcrosis. He was diagnosed on September 7th 2011 and had his first surgery on September 11th. We absolutely love Dr. Needles. We have not seen him in a while. Paul is under the care of his neurosurgeon. Anyway, wish you and yours all well.