Friday, February 25, 2011

February happy dance!

MRI results are clear! No change. The oncologist was pleased as so was I. He did ask how was my memory lately. He is watching for radiation side effects to the brain - cognitive, concentration, etc. Dave & those around me will need to be watchful to see if they recognize these. The doctor said he is not too concerned just yet.

I will have my next MRI in 6 months (+ a few weeks). I scheduled it for September to ensure the boys will be in school.

Happy Dance Kate


Anonymous said...

Oh happy happy, joy joy! So glad to have heard the good news! MUCH to be thankful for. Dancing with you ... but have to be careful. I'm over 40 & I might hurt myself OR someone might think I'm having a seizure and call 911 OR someone might think I've sunk into dementia and commit me. Hey, it could happen, what with the vehemence of THE DANCE OF HAPPY and all! Hugs 2 U, my friend! L Jo

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! This is wonderful news. Thanks for the update - Kate and THANK YOU LORD! Kim

Shaun said...

wonderful news Kate! so very happy to hear it. thanks for letting us know!

Anonymous said...

So thankful to hear the great news! Celebrate God's goodness with your family! Love, Judy