Monday, September 05, 2011

just wanted to let you know

I had no idea what to title this one as it has been on my heart to let others know that I am weak. Yes, that is a good thing to be reminded of as Christians. He is strong and I am not.

I have consulted with others regarding my concern with the upcoming MRI. The extreme loudness of the new scan was almost more than I could bear last time. A patient normally has ear plugs & ear phones covering their ears due to the noise. In February that was not the case. The new machine (which is supposed to be faster - not that I could tell) does not allow for the brain scan patient to have ear phones as the cage placed over the head does not fit the ear phones. Yes, making for a LOUD experience. I did tell my oncologist at the last appointment that if I don't die of cancer I will have hearing loss. A long story summarizing that I have asked for some meds to help calm me during the scan. That was a hard decision to make. Not sure if it was my pride in knowing I used to be able to pray & sleep /relax at times long ago. Anyway, just wanted all to know I am taking medication to help calm me for Wednesday.

Please pray for a clear scan. I see Dr. Needles Friday, September 9 with results.



Anonymous said...

Praying for your peace during the MRI and good results from the test. God bless you. Regina

Anonymous said...

Prayed for you yesterday, girl & praying for you now as you wait for tomorrow! Glad you were able to get some Rx to help w/ the scan noise. The LEAST they could do is make it a STEALTH MRI so it kind of sneaks up on you and you don't see or hear it coming! If they can make whole airplanes and submarines "stealth," shouldn't they be able to make nuclear scanning devices the same? Just wondering. Love you. L Jo

Steve H said...

Thinking of you tonight, Kate.

Anonymous said...

Checking in today 9/9 AM and praying for you this AM. L Jo

Sue Leiber said...

This is long lost Sue from Dr. you know whos office. I found myself thinking about you today and checked out your blog. I am so happy to hear you are doing well. Maybe you came to mind because I remember this time of year for you and imagine that when I see your dates posted of your surgeries. You are blessed and I am blessed to have met you. Prayers always!