Sunday, October 07, 2007

Heaven for Kids

Carter and I had the privilege of visiting eight year old Aven last night at his home in Franklin County (about 45 minutes from our home). I felt convicted to give him the book by Randy Alcorn Heaven for Kids. I am doing the adult study and it is great to see all that is in store for people who have a personal relationship with the living God. Amazing! I am so encouraged by all the scripture that backs up each chapter.

Carter and I discussed on the way out there that we were nervous. After praying we felt at ease. Cole unfortunately could not attend due to having allergy induced pneumonia. My heart aches when his breathing is labored. Thankfully he is slowly feeling better.

Please pray that the book will be a blessing and encouragement to the Everett family. My desire is for anyone visiting their home will be challenged to think about their eternal destination. Will you pray the same?

Carter talked all the way home, at bedtime and even throughout the day today about how he feels bad for Aven as cancer therapies have caused him to not walk, hardly hear nor speak well. His cognitive thinking skills have been affected along with his liver. I am glad Carter chose to go to his home over watching the Purdue vs. Ohio State football game. He didn't miss much anyway. Purdue was trounced upon. Oh well it is only football. Well OK football does have it's place. Especially in a home filled with testosterone like mine.

As for me I am gladly meeting my goal of completing each weekly Bible study. Dinner on the table still is a struggle from time to time. That is normal for any mom with young kids I am sure. I have found it to be helpful to sit down and plan out my meals for the week on Sunday. Not rocket science but sometimes hard to sit down with household activities abounding. I do continue to take a nap every other day during the week which helps alot. Dave has been so gracious (to no surprise) to allow me to take my naps during the weekend then study. He has been overseeing the care of Stuart if he wakes up earlier than expected. I am grateful to have such a great helpmate. Oh - hair is still coming out in the shower but I HAVE hair. Short and curly but thankful for it! I think I have decided to just let it all grow longer. Like it used to be.

Tuesday, November 13 @ 1:15 pm - MRI
Thursday, November 15 @ 9:30 am - Dr. Needles with results

I almost totally forgot . . . I have been convicted for some time wanting to give God's story on how He continue to work in my life. So with obedience in my heart I gave my written testimony to both Bible studies last week . Please pray that I will have courage when the time comes to relay the message to all ladies that attend. Pray that they see Jesus and not a gal with brain cancer.

I will try to update you on Stuart soon. He is growing so quickly with some fun quotes to boot. He turns the big 3 on November 20 and won't let anyone forget. For example tonight while watching the Green Bay Packer game Stuart comes up to Dave and gives him a great big neck hug and states very quickly "My burth day party is coming up!". Sounds like his mother only except she doesn't tell the age as quickly as he has been only the fun day. Gotta love a party with friends and family! I guess I will have to have a playdate birthday party for him. I normally at this age didn't do kid parties only family parties. I guess being the third kid he knows what parties are all about.

Thanks for checking in. We continue to appreciate your prayers for us and others who are going through a trial.

O LORD, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things,
things planned long ago.
Isaiah 25:1

God is good - kate


Anonymous said...

Kate - I check in with you from time to time. Sorry I don't usually leave a message. Glad to continue to see your good health and positive outlook. I am so thankful that your cancer has opened you so much to helping others - that happened with my mother as well. I believe that is how God wants us to use our trials. The way we can see "good" coming out of a bad experience.

I thought I would share with you another mom who is facing a worse outlook than you. Her name is Diana Rea, she is a First Free pastor's wife in Hermann, MO, homeschooling Mom of 7, youngest about 4 and I don't think any are yet in college. She has just been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer I believe, brought on they think by living in apartments with asbestos while they were missionaries in France. The dr.s have given her less than a year to live and the Reas have chosen not to do any chemo as it would make her more sick without hope of recovery. My heart just breaks for that family and for her husband who will be on his own with 7 kids. You might be praying for them - I don't think they want visitors. Praying you continue to be cancer free. Amelia Schultz

danielle said...

your posts are always so honest and encouraging. the lord truly is using you through all your trials. thanks for the verse too. by the way, have you read "the china study?" just wondering if you had read it with all that you have researched about nutrition. it is very interesting. hope you all are doing well. we are finally starting to cool off here in aiken, sc!
danielle spencer

Laura Joback said...

Yes, God DOES to marvelous things! My surrogate grandmother who lived in South Carolina when we did, and has since got to heaven, used to use that word often--but w/ her thick Southern accent--it came out: MAHHH-VUHHH-LUSSSS. Reading that verse made me think about her! And it made my mind sift through the catacombs of memories of you & Dave, you & the boys, you & headaches, you & neoplasia. He has brought you to the edge of the fire, through the fire, and out the other side. THAT is marvelous! And we all seek to see him continue His marvlous works in you in days to come! We love you, mah deah! Have a great week! Laura for the Jobacks

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Kate.. first of all i want to say..Thank you for that quote about worry on Heathers blog. I will keep that with me. This is the first time I have seen your blog and please know I will keep you also in prayer. I also face uncertainty with my liver illness but one thing that I am certain about is that God is greater than my illness, I'm just snuggling in the palm of his hands and letting him carry me through. yes they are days of dark clouds but I also know behind ebery dark cloud is the sun waiting to shine... Joyful