Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cousin Weekend Fun!

Front porch smiles
(Uncle Matt was doing funny things behind the photographer)

Silly faces with cousins

This weekend we had plenty of cousin fun! Saturday was filled with soccer and baseball. Cole's team tied 1 -1 for the very first time during this soccer season. Oh what excitement! They have lost every game thus far till this past Saturday. The opposing team scored their point in the last 2 minutes of the game. We were very pleased with how Cole played. He never gives up. Gotta love his attitude.

Carter had his soccer game in the afternoon. They played their best but unfortunately lost. We are hopeful for a win next week. They have yet to win a game. Carter is very competitive so it is difficult to lose. He also had a fall ball game in the evening. He pitched the first two innings and did well. The baseball team lost as well. It is good practice for Carter to pitch as he will be doing starting this coming season.

After Carter's fall ball game everyone went out to Culvers for some great eats. Our boys devoured the butter burgers and cheese fries. Then they delighted in the frozen custard. Stuart enjoyed Aunt Pattie's leftover pumpkin spice shake. As most of you know I do not do much sugar so I did not have custard. I am looking forward to having sweet potato or pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. Yummy! Gotta make choices on what sugar I will be having in the next month and plan accordingly.

As for my MRI update - there is none but to say I will call tomorrow to let Dr. Needles know I haven't had the mysterious left sided ache since last Sunday morning. We will see what will be decided. I do want to know if my April scan from Siteman is back at St. Johns. Please pray accordingly.

Stuart has been testing Dave & I lately. He is going through the lovely terrible two's closer to three. I remember somewhat the older boys doing this as well but not to the degree that Stuart is doing. Please pray that this is short lived, for my patience and to be consistent in the training. Thankfully Stuart has his great moments as well. Tonight while watching the first part of the World Series game he came up to Dave saying "I play ball". He loves baseball. He is a joy to behold when he doesn't test to the extreme. At bedtime he just wanted to thank God for the zoo with Liliana (mind you that was about a month ago), Lexi & Jaelyn his cousins, baseball and puppy. He has his priorities in line. I love to hear him pray.
Enjoy what the Lord has given us with the fall colors this week. It is true Midwest beauty.

God's glorious fall creation!


Anonymous said...


Brady is doing the same thing...testing us. He is 3 1/2 and I cannot remember the other two doing this. I think it is last child syndrome :) I too love to hear all my children say their paryers, the extent they open their hearts to is amazing! I know I have learned from them and their blind faith.
Stefanie (rad onc BJC)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate:

What great pictures, thanks for sharing! Your leaves there are beautiful!! Here in Indiana the leaves are turning slowly, the scenery here out in the country is another one of God's great creations.
Sebastian is also doing the terrible twos/testing his parents, but he was 3 in June! Maybe it is a boy thing this time of the year, the weather/season changes may have something to do with it too. Praying for patience and consistency- just know you are not alone. I don't remember Arwen doing this either- despite all her developmental and seizure problems she has always been our "easy going" child.
Take care and let us know about the MRI. Glad you haven't had any more pain for the last week.

Ramona Lisa said...

Welcome to the threes! As far as Liliana is concerned, three has been much more challenging than two. Testing limits and showing a "sassy attitude" have been her forte for the past couple months. Fortunately, she is responding well to consistent discipline and tons of praise!

Hang in there. We are praying for you! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Can't even CLAIM to still have a child in the terrible two's, so we won't go there, but for the record Erin (now eight) spit on me when she was just 16 months old! It was the beginning of a LONG and extended rebellion. (In fact, I'm not sure it ever ended!)