Thursday, January 01, 2009


"It looks good any way you have it." That would have been a expected/ normal response from Dave not long ago.

I have been indecisive about what to do about my hair. My hair is so due for a trim (probably major cut) if I want to keep it a shorter length. Longer or shorter....I like it either way I have found. When asking Dave the other day what he prefers he said to my surprise. "I like how you are growing it out." I was thrilled to have a defined answer from him who matters most. I will let it grow till the bangs get too much on my nerves. I have cut my bangs twice since I last saw the stylist.
Enough on the hair saga.... Yes, as you can remember I didn't want short hair in the beginning of the cancer trial but, that has changed. Or I guess you could say I have changed /let it go. Refined... Adjusted...(whatever terminology you choose). I am just glad to have my hair.

Last night (New Years Eve) a friend asked how the December chemo cycle went. I hadn't really told the blog community. Sorry. Here it is if you wanna know. Not too exciting that is for sure.

1. labor like cramping due to constipation (the yummy rice pudding and hoppin' johns black eyed peas (Friday morning & Thursday evening) prior to chemo didn't help I am sure. Cut out the carbs - cut out the carbs prior to chemo - I forgot that chemo was approaching It happens.)
2. fatigue
3. joint pain

Yes, #1 was a killer for sure. It felt as if I was delivering one of my babies. Please know I will attempt to cut out the carbohydrates prior to chemo. Zofran & Temodar side effects include constipation along with headaches. Thank you very much.

I have my eye appointment with Dr. Cohen downtown at Sitemans on Tuesday, January 6 (my sister, Jeanie's birthday) at 11. He is to check the pressure of my eye. Thankfully only minor aches in the right eye have occured since seeing the oncologist. Pain due to fatigue? Possibly teeth grinding in my sleep? We will hopefully see. I am just thankful no serious pain has occured in a long while.

January schedule includes an oncologist appointment on Tuesday, January 13. Possible chemo on Friday the 16th - Tuesday the 20th. It soley depends on Dr. Needles. I'm assuming he will take me into June. That will be a year and a half on chemo. I hope he'll be more decisive at the January appointment.

Here's to hair and chemo. . . Have a great 2009



Ramona Lisa said...

So good to talk to you this morning! I miss you. Your are beautiful, no matter what you decide to do with your hair. I, like the Lord, see your heart!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of with Dave on the opinion that you DO look good no matter what way you have your hair! Bet THAT'S aggravating, huh, b/c you DO want some decisiveness to help sway you one way or the other (glad he told you what you thought) here's the deal: whether you cut it or grow it, you will be beautiful OUTSIDE and IN! BOTH! Ha HA! Yep. Been there w/ the just-about-as-bad-as-labor poopin', my friend. Felt like I needed an episiotomy in a (ahem) different anatomical location to help with the first postpartum "movement" after Isaac joined this terrestrial ball. It was rather dicey... Like an HOUR in the "loo" at St. John's, sweating and fretting. Not pretty. Yeah. Don't know if the plumbing has recovered there yet...and that was 2003. Ergo: I will pray, my friend, for your personal plumbing problems, for good memories of carbs gone by (prior to each chemo regimen), and for easy "rites of passage" of future upcoming er, um, "contributions." In your corner, even if it's in Le Lu. L Jo (Oh, BTW...happy new year to U 2!!)

Deirdre Kohler said...

Hi! I also have a brain tumour and have just started chemo. I had surgery in August 2008. I must be honest, it is terrible to have to go through all the hair stuff. We know it is "not important" but it is not good to feel "sickly" or "ugly" It just felt like I looked sick. Plus I had spent years growing it and it is sad. Now the radiation starts ... :(

Anyway, I am writing to tell you that the constipation has also hit me really hard too. I couldn't believe it. 3 laxitives was like eating biscuits and did nothing. Wish docs would warn us sooner. My problem is that since I started chemo I am craving chips (salt)I can't face fruit... Will keep trying...

I have a blog - keep blogging I enjoy reading what other brain tumour people are going through. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I just said to J...I wanted to tell you how much I love your hair on New Year's Eve...and what ya have blogged about it! Your hair looks great! Keep it! Had a great time the other night!



Anonymous said...

Hi from HK! I, too, loved your hair on our girls night out! Gotta get Lily down for a nap...hopefully. I'm sorry I missed your phone call b4 I left...running around like a crazy woman!!!

More later.
Love, Sue :)