Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dr. Cohen

The eye appointment was today and went well. No problems were seen. I am thankful! I see the oncologist next Tuesday in the morning to decide what is to be done after this determination.

I am tired and need to get to bed (or at least get Stuart to bed). Sorry for being so short.

Just wanted to give you an update. . .



Anonymous said...

Hey, girl...glad for the update. Trying to keep on top of your needs prayer-wise -- on YOUR front and your mom's, too. Praying 4 you both! L Jo (yeah, I know this is a short note and you're about to fall over, but I'm actually capable of writing few words...[it's hard, but I'm capable]). L Jo (again)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Just a note to say I've been checking in on your blog and I am praying.

Erika :-)

Jen said...

Kate-Loved spending time with you this morning! I am praying for you as I head back to Italia in the morning- See you again in March! Love in Him, Jen

Anonymous said...

Hey Kate,

Just a quick note to say I'm still praying for your mom... and for you, of course! Hope you are enjoying this COLD day!

Looking forward to our next El Nopal (or wherever) gathering, with Sue via web cam!