Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Evening Umph

We recently returned from our vacation. It was great being able to spend good family time together without any schedule to adhere to. The boys love our tradition of going to a local ice cream hot spot, Royal Scoop. We went four times during the week. Yes, even before our meals. Vacation is great! Dave and I also celebrated our 13 years of marriage on May 4 while in Florida. Looking forward to year 14 with him. I am blessed.
Lately I have needed some extra energy during the evening hours. Umph is desired. I really tucker out by 7:30. If it is a good day 8:02 pm. I thought :02 sounded good. ;) ; ) :)

June is fast approaching so here are some prayerful dates for you.

Saturday, June 6 is my MRI & bloodwork
Tuesday, June 9 see oncologist with results



Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
I love the family beach pic! Looks like you guys had a great time--which is evident by everyone's great tans. Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...


you all look great!!!! Stu looks so grow up. Think of you often, pray for you daily :)
BJC radonc

Anonymous said...

OH, my LAND are you guys a photogenic bunch! Good to see the pictures of the trip & you look MAH-veh-luss! Haven't gotten to that e-mail for you yet...need to get to that...Hugs! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, absolutely fun & beautiful pics!! (Had to add "fun" b/c it's you and a bunch of boys!!).

Praying for you....I'm actually watching "modern marvels" on the History Channel at the moment...making candy...oh yeah!! (Hersheys).

I'll pray specifically for that extra "umph" (good word!)to get you to 8:02 (hee, hee, hee!) I just drink more caffeine...NOT recommended....I've got to get myself down again. Once I get this sleep thing figured out.

I'm rambling.
Love, Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate!
I love these pictures! Your young men are growing up....I really like the picture of the ice cream eaters- that is my favorite one! Missing your beautiful face and praying for your upcoming doctor visits/scans- Bill will be home in STL on Monday- for a week, but not me....Say hi to the dog if you see her! Love from Italia, Jen