Friday, May 22, 2009

Schools Out!

Today is the last day of school. Summer here we come. Stuart's last day was yesterday. He was trying to understand why he won't be returning next week. At dinner he was given a lengthy "four year terminology" explanation for him to hopefully understand. Carter and Cole are so ready for summer. Mom... I am not so sure. It will be a summer of pool, library, pool, library, family trip to Indiana for Dave's high school reunion, outside fun, pool, library (you get the picture). Gotta keep them engaged. Carter is attending a summer camp in Illinois for approximately 5 days in late July. Cole is not interested in any way possible leaving home. He is my home body which is just fine with me.

Need to make breakfast, I'm taking the boys to school. Busy morning!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear ya, Kate! Last day for Isaac was yesterday (tears b/c he's done w/ preschool and ON to kindergarten) & last day for Elijah was today... Summer is HERE, which is exciting...but what to plan? What to do? How to fill the time? Pool, pool, pool would be GREAT if I had kids w/ pigment in their epidermis. So we have to do Pool (1 repeat, not multiple repeats of Pool, Pool, Pool) b/c they need to stay healthy...and pale... Sad. Ah, well. If the worst thing they inherit from me is my a-melanotic tendencies, that's not such a bad thing! Praying for you today, girl! Love love love L Jo

Anonymous said...

I pray for you often, even though you don't know me, and I've followed your blog since introduced to it a couple of years ago by a friend whose daughter was fighting brain cancer (and who is doing well). My own son continues his fight against cancer (5 yrs) and your blog brought joy to me today, and upon re-reading it I hope to you. It literally shouts "normal life!". How blessed you are to have the gift of the expectation of a normal, 'humdrum', wonderful summer. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. Marlene

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fun weekend!! It rained all weekend here...woo-who. :(

Praying for energy & sleep & fun (duh!) for summer!!

Love & Hugs,
Sue :)
PS...whoops...our weekend is over here (it's Sun.PM), but it's only Sun. morning for you all...AND Memorial Day Mondy off...forgot about that.

Soooooo, have more memory-making times with your family.....even if it's just hanging out at home together!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate! Sounds like you and.the boys have a fun-filled summer ahead! We have 2 1/2 days of school left; Kindergarten graduation is Thursday morning. I'll need to take Kleenex to that event!

I'm looking forward to seeing you and the boys at a morning movie or maybe a pool this summer.

Praying for you, for energy, health and FUN!


Kate said...

Thank you, Marlene for the beautiful reminder of a "humdrum" normal summer. I am blessed that is for sure.

Laura, crying the first day of kindergarten was ME. Not the last day of preschool unless you were thinking of the pigment alterations that could happen at the pool this summer. Nah! Praying for you as well. Give me an update soon.

Sue - just left you a message yesterday. Love you girl & get back to StL soon!

J.W. Ruch said...

I'm guessing Carter will be at S&L?!!?!?! I am SO looking forward to it! Hope all is well.