Thursday, October 23, 2008

Voting Importance

I am feeling much better this afternoon. Thank you. It was the chemo lapse side effect. Hmmm two days. I really hope it doesn't do this in November.

I normally don't get into political stuff yet, I thought this video was one NOT to pass up.

My post won't let me make it into a direct web link. You will need to copy and paste it to your internet. If you have a firewall it may not let you into the website.

Off to family movie night. Gotta get a movie and order pizza. The boys do not have school tomorrow - Teacher work day.


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Anonymous said...

Kate...glad your nausea and actual "incident" has passed. And, yes, I WILL pray that it is not a repeated thing...glad it was a "first" for you & that it's not the norm. From Isaac: "Hi Kate, this is Isaac. We have our school pet at our home and and and his name is Patches and he is a guinea pig so he is pretty good 'cause he has some patches on him. I'm pretty good. Very good things. Love Isaac." And there you have it! The fam has a pig for the weekend! Ha! So much for allergies improving for Mike, huh? ('s just for a few days...that's what OTC drugs are for...ain't nothin' a little antihistamine and decongestant won't cure, especially when you're doin' it in the honor of the kiddo's. They're ENCHANTED by the little guinea porcine! What fun...) L Jo