Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On Sunday afternoon we hosted a Farewell Party for our good friends, Wade and Ramona. They are moving to Mississippi soon. They have been such good friends to us during the past few years. Wade spent each night with Dave while I was in the ICU for both surgeries. That's TWO. He was such a blessing to Dave to have someone there for companionship. Later they had good laughs over some things that happened. Dave is a hard sleeper. My 2006 nurse was trying to wake him at one point during the night. She "straddled" him from what Wade was saying. Not sure what the truth is...Oh well.

Our families have even vacationed together. August of 2007 was such fun at the Ozarks. We really had a good time getting to know one another. Good laughs. Ask them about the scorpions. Aghhh - maybe not

On to the party. It was good to have the energy to plan the event. It was also good to have the party on my planner prior to the MRI results last week. I was mostly concerned about the party details over the MRI results till I heard about Angie's death.
Wade, Ramona, Liliana & Leila you will be missed.

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Anonymous said...

It is sad when dear friends move away from time to time. I once read some interesting thoughts about friendships. They described how friends move directly into our lives and out again, for reasons in their control and out of their control. They serve definite purposes in our lives during definite periods. Then, sometimes they move on to serve definite purposes in others' lives. I hope your happy memories you have made with these friends will keep you company as they move away.