Saturday, November 01, 2008

Todays Pictures - Enjoy

Burning bush in backyard
Neighbors Tree
Backyard looking up
Pinecone in cul de sac
Front porch view
Happy Stuart on warm November day
C train in action (Cole)
Holly berry tree on corner of house in bloom


Anonymous said...

The bush looks so peaceful by itself without little boys pulling its arms and legs eating its ripe berries!!!! hahahah Ahhh, hope the worms are OK. heee heeee

WHAT?! I missed your birthday!!???? HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!!! i feel so bad I didn't know. I love birthdays!!! Your pics are great. Looks like a fun time.

Have a great week.

Danielle in MO said...

I LOVE fall pictures..... I took some today too.... trying to upload now... but having computer issues... maybe tomorrow....

those are some good ones!

Anonymous said... were SO in a photographic mood that day! Girl... Good pics! Love that you call him C cute is THAT! Thanks for sharing the pics...L Jo

Kate said...

To explain the first comment, Stuart and his neighbor boy friends (siblings) were picking berries off my tree to feed worms they just found in the ground on Sunday. WE made sure no one was EATING them. Can we say poison?!