Monday, November 17, 2008

Sweet as candy

That's right! Did you see they are in the grocery stores? Clementines. It reminds me of my first surgery hospital stay craving and the clementine caper delivery. Was that a run on sentence? As for the clementines in the store... Stuart and I purchased our first batch for the season. I had to control our eating of them prior to the photo shoot. They do taste sweet as candy. Stuart ate two for lunch with his p b and j sandwich. I love how they are easy to peel with no seeds.

Driving home today I wanted to give you a funny of Carter and Cole's conversation ....

Hey Carter, what kind of truck would you buy besides a Honda or Toyota? I would buy a Dodge Ram. (after he just looked at a hot one on the highway.)

: I'd get a Nissan.

: quickly remarks Oh yeah I forgot about Nissan, I'll switch to that.

: Cole, a professional baseball player should have three vehicles. A run down car to take to the games so no one will steal your car then a hot one. Also your wife will need a mini van.

I piped in to say "Hey what if your wife doesn't want a mini van?" He just responded well she then can have anything she wants. If you have a only child then they can have a hot car as well.
Clementines to minivans...


Anonymous said...

I remember WELL the Clementine Caper from Brain Surgery #1. You had eaten so many Clementines that you whole ROOM smelled of them...not that it's a BAD thing or anything...they're quite citrus-y and pleasant in aroma and good vapors for the soul... Good memory of a NOT so good memory...wait...did that make sense? Clementines: good. Having to have brain surgery: not so good. Kate having Clementines again: good. OK...we're straight. Cute "funny" 'bout the boys and cars...Jr. Sr. is into the same thing right now...except he chooses luxury cars: Acuras and Lexuses. He has carried around the Lexus car book that we got from the dealership (yeah, I took him last Friday to "test drive" [in the showroom ONLY] a few) and has changed the interior and exterior colors about 20 times. He keeps switching between their sports model and their huge-oh SUV. I've told him to start saving his allowance... SERIOUSLY...Your kids' handle on moms w/ minivans and run-down pickups vs hot pickups sounds a little more realistic. What planet does MY child live on? Ah, well...he can dream now. Reality will set in when he's 16 and (maybe) gets a hand-me-down-car or (occasionally) gets to drive MY minivan...won't THAT be a shock! Hugs, Kate! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Kate, you are so generous in letting us see how well your boys are dealing with all of this. Conversations, special days of celebration, "regular days" of sports, pretend play, etc. - they all reveal just what God is doing in your lives. He is allowing you the peace and confidence that He is looking over all of you and giving you a sense of "normalcy" during two years of what none of us can see as normal for your family. You and Dave are super parents, and our God is great. Have a happy day.

Kate said...

Thank you to the previous poster. I sometimes wonder if what I write is foof/silliness/not of cancer relevance, etc. It is good to see God is in control of my days along with the family. We do have "normal" days with cancer. Life is hard. Even harder without Jesus.
The joy of the Lord is my strength,

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate~
This is funny, I was just thinking about you and your clemetines. I can't eat one with out smelling finger nail polish. I remember Chuck aka Dave stating on the blog that someone had come in after your surgery to give you a pedicure or manicure and the roon stunk of the polish. And sometime inbetween clemetines were delievered and you ate quite a few since it was the only thing that sounded good to you. You definiely have a lot of love around you and some really caring people. Take care. You and the boys are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayer.

Anonymous said...

I love hearing conversations that kids have in the car! Oh those boys and their cars! I LOVE the clementines too- we have tons of them in Italia at the grocery store, but they come in bulk or in little net bags- they are smaller, but so good! Have a wonderful week, Kate- Love, Jen

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

How funny...I saw Clementines in the store last night and immediately thought of you! Guess a lot of us who know you well make that same association! (And they ARE delicious!)

I was honored to attend Stuart's birthday party and be a part of his special day. Thanks for thinking of me.

Erika (Mrs. Byars)