Friday, November 21, 2008


Some people have asked me the following questions so I will attempt to clarify in the blog.

1. Your WBC (white blood cell count) was low (3.2) in November when will you know if it has gone up to the correct range of 4.0 - 9.8?
I am to see the oncologist Tuesday, December 9. We should know then as I will be getting my labs taken prior to the appointment.

2. When will your monthly chemo regimen stop?
That is up to the oncologist. The November on call oncologist stated that it is desired for a brain cancer patient to take Temodar one to two years. A clinical trial has not been done on the findings of this chemo and how long it should be taken. So... one year most likely will be sufficient. It is solely up to my oncologist, Dr. Needles. My records state I started January 2008. I was thinking he would allow me to discontinue in February 2009.

3. What will happen after you finish the monthly chemo?
To be honest I am not sure. This is something we will ask at the next appointment. The following is my guess...

Monthly labs & doctors appointments most likely. MRI's (not sure how often) depends on the doctor. I am guessing every two months.

Hope that covers it

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Hey! Loved the pictures of Stuart on his big day! FOUR! W-O-W! It was cute how you could almost see him drooling over the plate of food! Ha! Praying for you and for a good weekend and holiday with the fam! L Jo