Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Morning surprise

While doing my makeup for the day I noticed this little man was in my bed (after it was already made). It was a picture worth taking. Messed up bed and all. Have a good day. He is Indiana Jones with his hat and fake whip just thrown.

Gotta get going for the day. Carter & Cole are off half day.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Indiana Jones and Shirley Temple had the same thoughts today. Must have been the something in the air.
Maybe we can get the two together soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
That is a great picture. You never know when Indiana Jones is going to "pop" up.
Hope you are feeling well. Read about your low WBC. We will keep you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet picture!
Sue :)

Anonymous said...

Moments like these keep us moms going during our "down days." What a precious picture.

Anonymous said...

Who needs to make their bed when they have Indiana Jones around?! That picture will be a classic. I have one of Rachel sleeping in a lavendar swim suit and a pumpkin hat...

Praying for your strength and stamina (esp. r/t WBC) and rejoicing with you in your "mom moment"!

God bless,

Pam Krosley said...

Kate, I have to share an answer to prayer that I just experienced this week. A friend of mine with 4 boys has been going through treatments for colon cancer. This is her 3rd battle with this cancer and it wasn't looking good. Tuesday she had a CT scan and the tumors are gone! God has taken them away and given her more time with her boys. He is more than able to beat this stuff and He just showed us a glimps of His power. I thought you might take some encouragement from her story. Our God saves!

Ramona Lisa said...

Give Indiana a hug from Liliana!

Anonymous said...

Hey! LOVED LOVED LOVED the picture of Indy in your bed...hey that sounds kind of BAD if you don't realize the Indy being spoken of is not the "real" Hollywood one! Ha! Know what? I was thinking 'bout that you possibly going through early menopause and everything...I KNOW it would not be so good for YOU, but it MIGHT be good for all of the rest of us b/c you can go through it FIRST and tell us what happens and what to expect and what helps and what, you know, "bites" about it and all...Whaddya think about THAT? Hmmm...yeah, probably not making it any more of a pleasant thought to entertain, huh? I was just trying to thinking of something POSITIVE about it! Let's see: hot flashes, hormone surges, mood swings...hmmmm....thinking, thinking, thinking....yep: nothing positive in THAT list! I'll have to ponder on it further and see what I can come up with! Just trying to keep you in mind, my dear... Seeing your green walls in the background of your bedroom shot of resident "Indy" made me think, again, about the lovely repainting job your fan club did for you b/c they love you (WE love you) so... So despite low WBC's, impending menopausal entry (the potential of, at least), and stuff: be ye ENCOURAGED! You ARE on of the "lights" in a LOT of lives! Including mine! Hugs 2 U this day, my friend, whether hormonal or not, immune suppressed or're da BOMB! L Jo