Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stuarts 4th birthday party

So cute!
The pirates at play (Stuart & Christina) up on the boat
astronaut Sophie with elated pirate Stu
(he LOVES her - oh a 4 year old romance)

Today we celebrated with Stuarts friends his fourth birthday. The official day is this coming Thursday the 20th. He had a blast in the Creation Station at the Museum of Transportation. There were four year old pirates, astronauts, chefs, and fireman roaming around along with a multitude of train tracks. Great pretend play. I took some pictures while Carter video taped. After returning home we came to the realization that a group picture was not taken. Big bummer. Enjoy some of the pictures I did take. He had so much fun and is currently playing with the gifts upstairs with Cole .

He loved all his gifts and was especially happy to have his teacher, Mrs. Byars at his party. The Lightning Mcqueen sound effect book was a real hit!
Thank you, Mrs. Byars. He adores you.

A funny part of the party was when Anneka asked "Is this Stuart's home?" The
huge playroom was painted with transportation stuff galore. Oh to be four.

It was a low key party for me as I didn't do a thing except show up with cupcakes and enjoy in their fun. Cupcakes were served as it was the easy option - No cutting of cake. I am all about easy. You learn after three kids and cancer.

Chemo is going well. I am filling up on prunes to help with the constipation. I love the taste of prunes so it is not a bad deal.

Today was a good day.

Gotta think about dinner...


Anonymous said...

You MOM likes prunes. She introduced ME to them when I had some, er, um "stoppage" during pregnancies... She would drive ALL the way (like there's not one on EVERY corner) to Walgreens to get Sunsweet's prunes b/c they're tastier (?). Not a prune conniseur, so I'll just have to take her word for it. Go, colon, GO! (Just a pep talk for your GI tract). Hey...if you're all about "easy," and 'bout an easy costume party idea for a couple? You have ONE of you dress w/ camouflage on the top (shirt) and jeans or something on the bottom. Then the OTHER of you wears a denim shirt and camouflage on the BOTTOM...and you're going as "upper" and "lower" GI! Ha! Ah, well...perhaps not so funny to someone who's suffering from colonic revolt at the moment. I, however, in my twisted way DO find the costume idea humorous. I LOVED the pictures of Stuart...perhaps he'll continue to fan the flame of four year old amore w/ CUTE would THAT be: Stuie and Sophie sittin' in a tree....we'll skip the next part...this is a "family show." Hugs 2 U, my friend. Ran into Judy Keffer (hi, Judy) this AM in the hall at Kid Connection and we talked 'bout you...she's kind of a stealth blogger b/c she reads ALL of the time but rarely says anything (unlike me who reads and can't shut up). Ah, well. More words to you means less words to Mike, and he probably thanks you. Love L Jo

Finally a Family of Four said...

WOW!!! I can't believe Stuart is celebrating his 4th birthday. It seems just like yesterday that you were walking around the cul de sac pregnant chasing Carter and Cole. Oh. how time fies. I am glad to see you are doing well, you look great.

Anonymous said...

Oh he the cutest 4 year old ever???? Happy 4th to Stuart!! We've had several bday parties at Transportation Museum. It's awesome. They do everything..gotta love that. I have similar pics of pirates. haha I'm glad you all had a fun day!! Blessings, Stacy J

Ramona Lisa said...

Bummed that Liliana missed the big event. Happy Birthday, Stuart! Come see us soon.