Friday, November 07, 2008

Two Year Anniversary

Today is the TWO YEAR anniversary from the first brain surgery. I can't believe it has been two years already. Last night a flood of emotions came over me. Carter was reflective at bedtime as well. He said that he couldn't believe it was that long ago. He said he is thankful that surgery is not for this Christmas season.

Below are some reflections I have for today. I may add more throughout the day as time allows. Some of these were reminded to me in a email from a friend watching her husband going through cancer.

1. As I study Romans in CBS...asking GOD to help me remember it all, and never forget what HE has done - the list is large and for me to ..." rejoice in this suffering, knowing it will produce endurance, character and hope-hope that will not disappoint because God's love has been poured into my heart through the Holy Spirit who has been given to me " ( Romans 5:3-5).

2. A desire for our boys to never forget watching their mom and dad go through this...They will tell of HIS wonderful acts...(Ps. 145:)... they (we) will eagerly utter the memories of GOD's abundant goodness...

3. God's goodness - Wow! Where do I begin?

4. The unknowns of cancer...vs...NO unknowns of God. He is in control. Hallelujah

5. The love of God never left me.

6. I can be here with my family for two good years. - Walking Talking, Laughing, Some processing (be it slow.)

7. A commited caring husband

8. The hands and feet of Jesus with people here on Earth. Meals, housecleaning, cards, phonecalls, an ear to listen, etc.

Add more in the comments as you see fit.


Anonymous said...

How about the impact on others. Because of your cancer we, as a family, have reflected on sickness and death. A few things we have talked about; As christians how are we suppose to view death, how should this effect our lives, what is important and what is trivial. How can we show the love of Christ to those with cancer. And it has opened up many opportunities for us to talk to our kids about the things of God.

Through your cancer many, people have come face to face with the living and almighty God!

Love, Jane

Anonymous said...

You know, Kate...I had this "anniversary" marked in my daytimer and my kitchen calendar. Birthdays are marked. Annivesaries of marriages are marked. And THIS day of yours is marked. Strange b/c a lot of anniversaries are celebrations & some people wouldn't feel that it IS a day to celebrate...but you're right. It IS a day to celebrate: celebrate the God who has given you these two full years with your family...celebrate the husband who serves you selfelssly and continually...celebrate the dedication and attentiveness of your team of doctors (surgeons, oncologists and the like)...celebrate the support of myriads of friends who love you and follow your story...celebrate the FAITHFULNESS you have experienced nestled in the hands of the One who created you. Yep...some tough roads and paths travelled in that two year interim...but definately tough roads that made you stronger, wiser, more beautiful, more thankful, and more endearing to all of us who kind of liked you b4 all of this happened! :) Reflecting on you a lot this day B4I got on your blog... Your ardent and verbose friend: L Jo

Anonymous said...

Only the Lord knows how many people have been influenced by the openess of your cancer story on this blog. Many have deepened their faith journey because of reading about yours. Some have begun a relationship with Jesus Christ or have begun seeking Him because of what you have experienced and written. Your realm of influence for Christ is larger than we can know (this side of heaven). Be encouraged because you are being used greatly by your heavenly Father.
Love, Judy
P.S. It was great to run into you last Wednesday (what a meeting place!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

I've been following your blog from afar and wish you all the best. Yours is an inspiring story and I admire ability to persevere when most of us would surrender.


Ramona Lisa said...

I thank God for you, Kate, and the way in which He works through you on a daily basis. Love and miss you!

Anonymous said...

I feel one of the greatest impacts on many of us from your cancer is the deepening of our pray lives. We have desired to pray more fervently for you and your family along the path of dealing with your struggles. We have had reason to look away from ourselves and some petty problems and concentrate on heavy duty issues concerning others, namely, you and your family. We have learned to be more thankful for the many steps of victory in all you have accomplished. We are thankful for your two years, Kate, during which God has been faithful and sustaining, as He promises He will be to all of us.

G E N E V I E V E said...

Thank you for your continued transparency. You are years ahead of me in the cancer battle and I appreciate your willingness to share the day-to-day with the world via your blog. "Moms with cancer" blogs are surprisingly few and far between (probably because most of us don't have time!). I was dx with aggressive thyroid cancer in June, 2008, just after the birth of my 4th child. I just finished my first round of radiation following surgery. My blog name is courtesy of Isaiah 54.