Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February Chemo complete!

I am going to bed soon due to fatigue.
Well, it seems that the February chemo cycle...

...was better than all the rest one yet
...bowels a workin'
...minimal headaches
...fatigue? YES that's a given
...a tongue sore - uncomfortable but tolerable

Thank you for praying over this month it is a delight to share the blessings. Yes, I said blessing in regards to chemo. I had a great last few weeks spending some time in contemplation. I am considering a blog on "Can a person get used to having cancer?"

Update on the stitched finger: It is sore but improving. A band aid is covering it most of the time due to the stitching catching on clothing, towels, etc. It pulls which makes it uncomfortable. I am a little freakish on cutting things since the accident. A friend brought over a bread loaf. I was relieved to see it was already sliced. Whew!

A little tired, time for bed.


Finally a Family of Four said...

I am glad chemo for Feb. is over and done with. I am even more happy that the side effects were more on the mild side.
Keep doing your thing-girl.

Anonymous said...

Kate, you are so encouraging to thankful at how God is ALIVE IN YOU! (With the ups and downs...He's always alive in you...just in case you thought I thought differently)....OK, I should never post this late at night...I'm slap happy.

Knives make me squimish....well,not the knives but the thought of what can happen. I've known 2 people who had pretty serious accidents while cooking. Lovely note to end on.

In His Grip & Thankful your body is doing so well this time around!!!!

Sue :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you friends are pampering your bandaged bod w/ pre-sliced bread! You deserve it! Glad to hear that the Feb chemo cycle was more tolerable than average! That's GREAT! FYI...I gave my sister a scarf/hat/gloves set for Valentine's day that was SHOCKINGLY reminiscent of the scarf pattern that YOU have that I like so much...why didn't I keep it myself, you ask? It had too much PINK in it...still kind of shuddering at the dresses I had to wear for Tonya's wedding and your wedding... Love ya both, but pink makes me look, well, a) anemic and b) like I'm trying to camouflage myself b/c my skin tone is kind of salmon-ish-pink-y to begin with. Pretty blasted scary, I'd say! I DO thank you that you didn't make me wear a bow in my hear like Tonya did...I'm still trying to come to grips with the emotional scarring that wearing the bow-on-the-comb-in-my-hair brought so many decades ago. I've forgiven her for it, of course, but it still makes me shudder a bit if I dwell on it too much. Yeah... Dwelling on things: NOT good. Thinking about happy wedding days: VERY good. Remember that fab-ooo picture of you and Dave holding hands in front of the bridge at Queeny...back when Queeny HAD a bridge? Mmmm-hmmmm-mmmm, looked bea-uuuu-tee-ful that day! Hope you are staying warm this chilly windy day! Hugs! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Ooops: I recant. I typed "hear" instead of "hair." Hmmm....must not be firing on all cylinders today. I think I am tending towards entropy. L Jo