Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesdays update

Todays oncology appointment went well. He ordered a thyroid blood test since my weight has increased sixteen pounds since last December. He said it is not likely that Temodar causes the weight gain. Yes, it is this gal who doesn't exercise regularly. Ok, I didn't do it prior to December so what's the deal? I am really seeing it in my pants. Aghhhhh. No thank you.

Thankfully, my WBC was the same as last month a good 5.1. It needed to be over 4.0.

I will have my MRI next month in March prior to seeing the doctor again. My normal labs will also be taken at that time.



Anonymous said...


Maya Bradstreat is a wonderful wealth of information. I have been working with her and going to her cooking classes at whole foods and dierbergs. She had a thyroid and major health issues and was studying nutrition. She took Gluten out of her diet and feels great. She has wonderful ideas about holistic health. She is really motivating us. WE started eating gluten free a month ago to deal with health issues. We have see great changes. Happy reading! Give her a call and tell her you are my friend. She'd would love to help! We may be silent, but still prayin for the Snodgrass family! April Curtis

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,

Glad everything went well with the blood counts! That's great news.

As for the weight gain...it just gives you more curve (something I'VE always wanted!)

Happy day,

Erika :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, girl! Heard you ran into our mutual friend at Aldi! Way to shop on a budget, girl! I go there, too, but don't like their yogurt or pie shells...just FYI. Looked for striped scarves in the after-season sale at Tar-Jay (Target) but nothing like yours was to be found. I'll probably peruse the selection at FULL price at the BEGINNING of the sale next year b/c I liked yours so much... Ah, well! Thinkin' 'bout 'cha and glad your labs were good! L Jo

Anonymous said...

Wow! Word travels fast... L Jo must have been catching up on Sue's World!

I'm curious: I stopped at Walgreen's after picking J up at school. Where were YOU?! :->

Glad you got to have some outside time yesterday. Today is a whole different story!

Well, I'm off to get my hair cut. Maybe I'll see you at Walmart on Friday! (Though you are more likely to see L Jo there on a Friday than me... it's true!)

Love you!

Oh! Glad to hear your lab results were good. Probably shoulda said that first!